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by Terry Watson | May 11th, 2012
The Simply Beautiful Team

The Simply Beautiful Team (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Chemistry—that’s what the stylist of Simply Beautiful Hair Salon has in common. A necessary component that has positioned their boutique as one of the best in the Triad community. An honest description would state that they’re dedicated to providing excellent hair care service in a professional and inviting environment, always.

On March 1, 2008, the doors of Simply Beautiful were opened by Kala Slade. A devout woman of God, she says her vision was to manage a salon that would also serve as a ministry. “I wanted to provide a setting where we as women could work together in unity and provide excellent service for other women,” she says.

A native of Greensboro, Slade wears several hats as a stylist and owner. She’s a creative thinker and innovator. With her God given talents, she says she is able to look at any situation and devise a plan to make it better. Her constant encouragement to others is fueled by a passion to help others succeed and see their ideal self.

After graduating from Smith High School in Greensboro, Slade attended North Carolina Central University. While there she would set up shop in her dorm room and style hair for anyone who wanted her services. It was during these times that she realized what she wanted to do with her life, so she enrolled at Carolina Beauty College in Durham and obtained her cosmetology license. Next she moved back to Greensboro and landed her first job as a stylist at Adijas Hair Salon.

Slade says her faith in God and her clients have impacted her life and business the most. “I am blessed to witness the moments of which my clients confidence grows as they realize their beauty that is discovered with a new hair style,” she says. Maintaining a constant line of communication with God through prayer and worship keeps her grounded and humble.

Simply Beautiful is completed with a strong and sophisticated styling team. Deanna Woods attended Leon’s Beauty School and graduated in 1993. A stylist with over 19 years of experience, Woods says she loves being able to help a person feel and look great after leaving her styling chair. “I love all of my clients and I’m grateful for their continuous support and dedication to me and Simply Beautiful.” A respected veteran in her profession, she says her focus is now to reach the up and coming stylists that are looking to acquire more advanced training after school. She says she is God fearing and enjoys her role as a mother of two wonderful children. She says her preferred product line includes Nu Expressions, Nairobi, Mizani, Look-WOW and others.

Spring Russ is also a graduate of Leon’s Beauty School. She has been a professional stylist for 12 years and says that she loves the creativity involved with her profession. “I am able to help my clients feel great on the inside and out,” she says. Being committed to always looking for new ways to meet your clients needs are what she describes as her strongest attributes as a stylist. “We must be able to brand ourselves and develop techniques that will allow us to standout amongst other clients,” she explains. While promoting healthy hair, she provides services for all types of hair and weaves.

Shayla King describes herself as an easy going and laid-back person that can be sassy with qualities that are incorporated in her vast array of hair styles. She attended Dudley Cosmetology University and Leon Beauty School. She has many years of experience, her goal is make her clients look good and exude confidence effortlessly. “I believe this is what God has called me to do. If your passion is aligned with the will of God, you will be happy and God will supply all of your needs,” she says. Building trust is sometimes difficult for new clients but she gives everyone an in depth consultation. Though not limited to any particular service, she specializes in natural hair color.

Kishma Greene is a native of Jontola, British Virgin Islands. She is also a wife and mother of three beautiful children, and says her journey as a hair stylist began over 14 years ago at Dudley’s Cosmetology University. After graduating and obtaining her professional styling license, she set her eyes on becoming the best stylist possible. She says she can remember moments of anticipating what it would be like to work as a stylist. She always found the aroma of hair products intriguing. Her curiosity eventually sprung a career that has given her life meaning. “I am inspired just by realizing my gift from God lies within the skill of my hands. Knowing that I am fulfilling a deep passion everyday of doing the things that I absolutely love is what makes my job so rewarding,” she says.

Maria Hopkins has a full plate in terms of clientele and experience. After graduating from Winston Salem State University with a bachelor’s in business administration, she wanted to broaden her skill set. She soon enrolled at Carolina Beauty College and obtained her cosmetology license. After 14 years, she is still going strong and takes every opportunity to acquire more knowledge and techniques. “It is all about transformation,” she says. “My goal is to ensure my clients will look even more beautiful once they leave my chair”. She offers a full gamut of services including facials and eye brows.

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