Sista Rock Ya Wig

by Terry Watson | August 6th, 2011

1st Annual "Sista Rock Ya Wig" Day (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

The First Annual “Sista Rock Ya Wig!” Day was held on July 2nd at Hester Park in Greensboro by Keshea Montgomery along with business partners, Danielle Little and Shenieka Alfred. The event was held to raise awareness for the importance of healthy living habits, balanced nutrition and diet, daily exercise and monthly self breast exams and preventative care.

The event was organized by Montgomery whose sister Nicola Gordon, wife and mother of three, was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 14th of this year after finding a lump in her left breast. “Imagine the shock of your 42 year old healthy sister, calling not to tell you Happy Valentine’s Day, as we do every year but instead saying ‘sister please don’t cry, the tumor came back positive for malignant stage 2 breast cancer’”.

Her sister had just had a Mammogram nine months prior and was given a clear diagnosis. However what she and many women did not know is that with pre menopausal women, mammograms are only 75-80% effective because of the dense breast tissue. Gordon says her “clear” diagnosis was actually false.

This is why she wants to stress the importance of self breast exams every month along with
clinical exams by your OB/GYN. She says her self-exam is what saved her life.

After the initial shock wore off, Montgomery began to think of ways to support her sister who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through the long process of battling this deadly disease. Montgomery drove there to attend nutrition classes at University of Pennsylvania Hospital that would prep her sister for the long months of treatment ahead and spoke with her doctors after surgery and kept track of the chemotherapy appointments which would eventually take her sisters long locks.

It was at this time, that Montgomery says the idea was born. As her sister cried, Montgomery says she offered something so simple in an effort to show Gordon she was not alone. “How about I buy a wig too and we can rock them together,” she says. Sista Rock Ya Wig was born. For more information, please contact Keshea Montgomery at (336) 327-6862.

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