Slow Down And Allow God To Catch Up

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018

Terry Watson – Editor

Nowadays, everything seems to move at a faster pace when compared to the years before. We eat faster, cars are sleeker and packed with zoom; even the least expensive ones. The internet has played a significant role in accelerating the way we process, share, and obtain information amongst each other. The time required to construct new homes has been reduced to weeks. Students are graduating from high school, without stepping foot into a classroom or even attending high school. We are truly living in a microwave society.

With all the hustle and bustle, and while we attempt to do more with less, we don’t allow ourselves an opportunity to accommodate this increase. Our hustle is inefficient in many ways, meaning that we are not getting anywhere though our feet are moving. Even more, we fail to acknowledge our regressions, both physically and emotionally and don’t become aware of them until our systems fail. By then, for some of us, it is too late.

We must learn to make time for the simple things and move our lives into the proper lane on the expressway of life. Everything that glitters isn’t gold, and what works for others may not always work for you.

My grandmother is 96 years young, and she didn’t make it here by running a race that she didn’t suit up for. We must learn to slow do and allow God to catch up with us. I believe that He wants to bless us, but if we are outrunning our purpose, it will be impossible to answer His calling upon our lives. If what we do is not done in accordance with God’s timing, it is “played out”, meaning that it’s outdated, out of order, and out of season. When this happens, we subject ourselves to unnecessary stress and troubles that will ultimately steer us off course.

Only by God’s grace and mercy will He allow us to get into realignment with Him and rejoin the race. Seek God first in all that you do, and remember to make frequent pit stops so that you may obtain His instruction for your next journey.

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