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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Sherri Scott

Sherri Scott

Thanks to Sherri Scott of Memphis, TN, now almost everyone can have soft and smooth skin.

In July of this year, she launced Smooches Boutique Skin Care on a desire to improve the condition of her own dry and maturing skin. It all came about after she started researching the best methods to accomplish this without harsh chemicals. In her research, she learned the incredible restorative benefits provided by natural butters and oils like Shea, Mango, Jojoba, and Avocado.

She started by blending these and other natural ingredients and created four fragrant, whipped body butters. Now, in under six months, Smooches Boutique Skin Care has expanded its inventory to include nine fragrant body butters, body scrubs, whipped soap, body oils, organic body washes, beard oil, and lip care. Currently in the testing phase, Smooches will launch BLUE, an organic skin care system and hopefully take residence in a brick and mortar in early 2018.

Sherri Scott is a firm believer that if Christ puts a dream in someones heart, He also gives them every opportunity to bring it to fruition. She is a mother of one, a two time self-published author, full-time college student advocate, and part-time college instructor. She can now add small business owner to her list of accomplishments, and one who has dabbled in video blogging, podcasting, and facilitating positive, youth-focused community initiatives. Scott’s favorite past-times are reading a good book, enjoying the company of good friends and family, and creating new and interesting products for Smooches Boutique Skin Care.
Intrigued by the lush feel and beauty of a store bought body butter with “unpronounceable” ingredients, Scott challenged herself to create the same silky texture using all natural ingredients. She began experimenting and sharing her creations with friends and family. Enjoying the products, they encouraged Sherri to sell them to the general public. She did so and Smooches became a reality of all of her hard work and dreaming.

“What I love the most about the business of Smooches is hearing how people love the products. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right when people enjoy something I made from scratch, right in my own kitchen. It’s all love. love creating and sharing great smelling products that restore, nourish, and promote healthy skin,” she says.

Scott says she is mostly inspired by her mother and daughter. “I was inspired to pursue higher education, write and publish the books that were in my heart, and bring Smooches to fruition. I understand my influence as a mother and want to show my daughter the importance of working towards your dreams,” she says. She’s inspired secondly by her journey as an entrepreneur as a whole. In it, she’s learned so much about herself, people, and business. “My family is made of up people who worked for themselves, but I never thought I’d ever take on being an entrepreneur as a venture. I watched my mother run a successful business as a hairstylist for years and learned a lot about discipline and commitment from her. I have a vision for Smooches Boutique Skin Care and while I still have a lot to learn, I’m loving this personal journey and I’m loving the fact that my daughter and mother are watching and praying with me for its success,” she says.
All of Smooches Boutique Skin Care products are hand-crafted, made to order, and have a base of the best natural (plant-based), nourishing, and restorative butters and oils and are fragranced with either essential, vegan, or fragrance oils. Customers can also enjoy custom creations using their favorite perfumes and colognes. Just in time for the holidays, Smooches will debut “Play Mates,” gift pack bundles, gift certificates, and a host of stocking stuffers. Look for Smooches to continue to expand both products and services in 2018!

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