Sonita Leak

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Sonita Leak (Photos by Justin Kreyling)

Sonita Leak (Photos by Justin Kreyling)

Sonita Leak of Greenville, SC is the kind of person that acts rather than settling. She is a mother of six children, three girls and three boys ranging from 8 to 22 years old. She is also a self-described go getter and entrepreneur that currently owns and manages two separate businesses, and, both of which are internet based.

“I saw my first notarial act when I was 18 years old. This happened at a business called Mona Electric in Clinton, MD where at the time I was attending school for Computer Science. I interned at this business for credit and my job was more along the lines of a receptionist and data entry. There was a lady in the office who had a gold embosser and I had no idea of what it was, so I inquired. My inquisition lead to something even greater,” Sonita says. began in April of 2010, a few weeks before she was commissioned by the SC Secretary of State’s Office. Sonita offers a wide range of services including Loan Modifications, Out-of-State Documents (Notary and Oversight), High Equity Line of Credit (Oversight), TILA-RESPA Documents (Oversight), Loan Application (Oversight), Loan Modifications (Courier Witnessing and Notarization), Reverse Mortgages (Courier and Oversight), Short Sales (Oversight), Warranty and Quitclaim Deed Notarization (Witnessing and Notarization).

With many people traveling at all points throughout the country, quite often it can be very difficult to reach a notary willing to notarize paperwork for individuals who are not native to South Carolina. Have no fear, is there to assist individuals closing on a property in another state, filling out paperwork for a program out-of-state, or individuals who don’t have a South Carolina Driver’s License or identification.

Sonita says she enjoys the flexibility her businesses offer. “I can say ‘yes’ to a signing or ‘no’ to a signing. I can marry a couple one day and assist signers with 100 pages of paperwork on another, or all in the same day. I truly love being able to see my kids off to school in the morning and greet them when they come in the door after school. Family means a lot to me and I am a firm believer that parents are the key to their children’s development. I also love that my business is tailored around my own management. It takes a lot to run a notary business, let alone run a notary and marriage officiant business with two separate websites to manage.”

She also realizes that her success is dependent upon one critical element; success. “I didn’t know it at first, but some of the most routine functions of my business and my strategy have panned out to make all the difference. Never has there been a thought that I would give up. There were times and still are challenges I face in business, in my personal life, and other arenas that impact the way I do business, however, not losing focus and being consistent has allowed for me to keep it going for so long,” she says.

Sonita offers some advice for those who may follow in her footsteps. “Never let anyone tell you that what you do for a living isn’t good enough. I’ve had my share of naysayers, but I haven’t allowed my eyes, ears, and brain to absorb that negativity. I have instead forged a path for myself. I encourage others to do the same,” Sonita states.

Moving forward Sonita plans to continue to educate the public on what a Notary Public is. “Most people think we’re just there to stamp stuff. There is so much more to our title than just Notary Public. We hold many hats, and as public servants of our respective states, there are duties other than performing notarial acts that many companies and individuals call on us for. I also plan on educating other notaries nationwide on the effects of social media, blogging, and marketing to their full potential,” she says. Sonita has recently started two podcasts centered around her businesses. One, ‘The Notary Sound Byte’, features an array of articles from The other ‘Adventures in Matrimony’ is a chronicle of some of the many marriage ceremonies she has conducted.

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