Sonya Molette

Ayana Bryant | March 22nd, 2021


Sonya Molette (Photos by Livin For Media Photography)

Sonya Molette (Photos by Livin For Media Photography)

Many industries endured a major hit from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The world of cosmetology and small businesses within it came to a complete halt by the orders of local and state governments everywhere, with some being unable to sustain the blow. Local Detroit salon owner and businesswoman, Sonya Molette managed to keep her 20-year-old business alive and even used her time during the shutdown to develop a new venture.

Molette, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan is leaving her mark on the hair industry in her unique way. She was given by mother to be raised by her grandparents at age of nine. She also suffered the loss of her mother at age 16 although, in what she describes as an unpleasant time in her life. Molette grew ip spoiled, loved and with lots of structure in her life. Always finding herself in leadership positions throughout school, she quickly realized that she enjoyed leading a team and excelling in whatever field she entered. This began to awaken an entrepreneurial spirit within her and inspired her to pursue something she had always loved, which was hair. She began to make money in school charging her classmates for finger waves and pony tails during lunchtime. Then she’d parade up and down the block with her “dollar gel” servicing many new clients.

After ditching the idea to pursue a career in mortuary science, Molette enrolled at Detroit’s own Preston and Anna’s Beauty School. Now following her passion, she received her cosmetology license. After graduating, she began working at various beauty salons in the city. She paid very close attention to learn all she could to gain experience and learn the ropes of the salon business. When that entrepreneurial spirit was reawakened yet again, she made the decision to open her own salon taking everything she had learned into consideration, but on a greater level. Molette opened the doors to Hype Hair Salon, LLC in November of 2001 and will be celebrating 20 years of business this year.

Hype Hair Salon remains as one of the top hair salons within the metro Detroit area. Offering service for all phases of hair, they are known for styling to perfection. When the pandemic hit last year, the salon had to close its doors, generating absolutely no revenue for any of its stylists or the owner. Molette says that experience has surely reminded her that as a business owner you must keep your finances in order. She encourages other small business to save as much as they can because you never know when something like this can happen, and preparation is key.

Although 2020 was a very difficult time it gave Molette the opportunity to begin developing her own faith-based product line, Elasticity Hair Care. She partnered with a local manufacturer handpicking each specific ingredient that would most benefit her customers hair and a chemist to help her solidify the formulas. This product line includes a therapeutic purifying shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner, heat protectant, holding spray, silk and serum, and also a luminosity sheen. Molette says that God gave her the name Elasticity and shares, “Being a single mother working, and running a salon from sun-up to sun-down was challenging. I’ve had breaking points but never broke, so that’s where I got the name Elasticity. The ability to stretch and bounce back without breaking. I call my Ministry in a Bottle.” She hopes that these products will help women spiritually as well as physically. Elasticity Hair Care will launch in June 2021.

Molette says that her three beautiful daughters are what motivate her to continue thriving and working hard. “Failure was never an option for me. I thrive on making it and just being successful in every right,” she says.

With a successful career spanning over the last 25 years, she has definitely left her mark on the industry. Her accomplishments also include working as a celebrity stylist for some of our favs such as The Clark Sisters, The Sheards, Judge Hatchett, Judge Mablean, and even Hoopz from the hit reality TV show Flavor of Love, plus many more.

Molette’s future plans for her career include promoting her hair line and opening a second Hype Hair location in Texas, where she plans to relocate. After the launch of Elasticity Hair Care in May, she plans to begin work on two new collections, Elasticity Natural and Elasticity Kids

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