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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Alanda Posey

Alanda Posey

Greenville, South Carolina native Alanda Posey is nothing short of a go getter. She believes in leading by example and her actions surely back it up. She is the daughter of Alan and Tobita Posley-McKinney. She is married to Javan Posey of whom she shares three beautiful daughters. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina in Early Childhood Education, and obtained a Master’s degree in Divergent Learning from Columbia College. Having yet a even more desire for learning, she received an Educational Specialist degree in Literacy from Converse College. Her studies today continue at Furman University for School Leadership.

As an undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina, Posey had a work-study job for HOPE Worldwide, which involved working with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in a after school program. She provided homework help and enrichment activities.

Posey entered the teaching profession in 2009 in Spartanburg District 7 at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership. Currently, she is an Instructional Coach at Alexander Elementary School in Greenville County, serving in this for the past three years. Not only is Posey an awesome educator, she is a researcher at heart and has become a local presenter in South Carolina and North Carolina. She has also developed a literacy training for teachers titled, “Read to the Beat,” which demonstrates an innovative way to teach reading using music for educators.

Through Posey has several personal and academic achievements, one that she is most passionate about is one that has been especially prepared for younger children. Soulful Beginnings is an academic services company that provides tutoring services, intervention, enrichment, instructional camps, and teacher trainings in the form of professional development for any subject area. They specialize in improving literacy skills for elementary students in grades K-4 (Pre-Kindergarten) to 5th grade. It was founded in 2010 as a home-based business with mobile accommodations. “Soulful Beginnings has the ability to meet your family’s needs in various ways,” Posey says. We give you the option to create a schedule that works within your day to day activities. Our goal is to empower and engage children to have the will to believe in themselves enough so that they have the confidence to do anything.”

Upon leaving Soulful Beginnings, their students are able to read across the curriculum and respond as a mathematician, historian, and scientist. Posey explains their focus is to develop citizens for the 21st century so that children will be able to articulate and make informed decisions.

Posey has an unwavering commitment to serving young people. “My role allows me to change the narrative of educating the black child. There’s an illusion in present society that students that live in low-income households cannot be as successful as their affluent counterparts. My experiences at prior learning facilities have envoked me to empower my students and their parents to believe that success can be their norm,” she says. “I started this company to give parents hope and to dispute any negativity. I teach students that effort is necessary for success and it doesn’t matter how you start, just as long as you’re willing to finish strong.”

Soulful Beginnings offers an array of products and services to parents and children in elementary schools across the Upstate of South Carolina. Their main service is tutoring sessions for individuals and small groups. Students are grouped by their grade level so they can share the learning experience together. Soulful Beginnings serves as a educational consultant for child care centers, church schools, home school parents, and teachers in the K-12 setting. This includes various trainings such as “Building an Engaging After School or Summer Camp Program,” and “Read to the Beat: Developing Fluent Readers”.

“We have developed the Soulful Alphabet which is targeted for the African American community to provide children with a learning experience that represents their culture. Children and parents are able to relate to the alphabet cards that demonstrate hair styles, music, dance moves, and accomplishments of the black community. Additionally, we have the ability to write an academic curriculum as a service for early learning centers, daycare centers, church schools, and homeschool parents,” says Posey.

For most educators, their students are the driving force and the ‘why’ in what they do. This serves the same for Posey. “I have been a classroom teacher for six years, and each year I brought different learning styles and abilities. However, I taught my students that they have power over their circumstances if they choose to tap into it,” she says. “We must instill in our children not only hope, but a conqueror attitude.”

The future looks bright for Soulful Beginnings. They are in the process of creating a children’s book that will have a main character, named Naomi, who takes an adventure through the city as she learns the letters of the alphabet. There are plans to build a curriculum around the Soulful Alphabet cards. Additionally, Posey would like to take her expertise in reading instruction out of the state of South Carolina and tap into some neighboring states, such as, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee with more presentations and trainings. “We are excited about what’s to come and hopeful that we can impact many educational settings in the future,” she says.

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