Spoiled Rot10

by Terry Watson | September 16th, 2016
Todd Walker (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

Todd Walker (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

Spoiled Rot10 is a fashion boutique for men and women featuring clothing for trendsetters in Raleigh, N.C., and throughout the nation. Their family owned business is brings fashion from the big cities of Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, and even Dubai with a touch of Southern hospitality. They have become one of the premier resources for trendy fashion for men and women in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. From casual to special occasion wear, they carry it all, which is why shoppers rely on them for options not found at local department stores.

Owner Todd Walker is a happily married man and father of two wonderful kids. He is the youngest of three boys, raised by a single mother, who loved and helped to raised a lot of young guys and lead them to become men, entrepreneurs and wonderful fathers.

“I really enjoy being a father to my son who I see growing into a young man, preparing to take on society’s endeavors. My daughter is wildly creative and came up with the name of my business at the age of four. My wife is the nucleus of my support system and business partner who lets me know when things will work and they will not,” he says.

Walker is inspired by other business owners such as Fashion Forward Apparel and Caps Urban Wear of Raleigh. He is also inspired by the love and support he receives from family and friends. Having worked in the corporate world and putting in 60 to 70 hour work weeks, Walker cherishes the time he is able to spend with his family. “Not being able to see my son’s football and basketball games or having to put a job in front of my daughter’s events was always a difficult choice for me to make. As a business owner now, yes I still have to make a lot of sacrifices and I still work a lot of hours, but I feel I am making decisions that will ultimately benefit them in the long run,” he says.

As Walker opens his doors everyday, he realizes that being a business owner doesn’t just mean that he is there to sell clothing.He has become a help center, a community forum, and a ear to individuals, both old and young. “I have learned that many of the relationships that I have formed wouldn’t have happened had not I opened this store. It’s one of the perks that I truly enjoy of this job,” he says.

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