Stacey Oliver

by Terry Watson | January 16th, 2018
Stacey Oliver

Stacey Oliver

Stacey M. Oliver is the founder of Olivers Financial Planning Services Agency, LLC and Financial Kick Start JBJO, Inc., a non profit organization. Known for her gift of gab, in the midst of her younger years, she had cynical ramifications for people calling her “Gabby”. In Oliver’s adulthood, she figured out how to embrace her gift as she comprehended the vitality of the blessing.

With her fluent and powerful speaking, she can sell the socks off anyone. Oliver’s natural sales ability in the corporate financial arena positioned her to receive several awards for top sales with one of the largest diversified financial services companies in the United States. She is an Empowerment Speaker, Certified Accounting Clerk, Licensed Independent Agent, and serves on various boards and committees for financial wellness in the upstate of South Carolina. She has established herself as an expert in the field and is extremely insightful and keen on the financial industry.

Oliver was exposed to the world of finance at an early age by her parents. She recalls her father, James M. Scott, taking her to the bank most Saturdays and acquainting her with the bank representatives and completing a bank visit. In the midst of each visit, he demonstrated to her the proper way to do basic banking. Her parents discussed the value of money in their home and talked about writing checks, the different ways to save, and the importance of investing.

Her paternal grandparents gifted her with money to open her first minor savings account. As she continued to save, her father would take her to the bank to deposit her saved coins in her savings account. One day she found herself working at the same bank her dad took her to visit as a child.

During her banking career, she encountered minorities of all ages who were clueless about their creditworthiness, the essentialness of investing or how to transfer wealth to their loved ones. It was then she acknowledged the urgency to venture out and establish her own business of financial planning services. She saw the absence of learning and a critical need to offer services to demonstrate to individuals generally accepted methods to be monetarily stable. Her mother, Ruby N. Scott, constantly unveiled to her that the sky has no constraints, with God all things are possible if you put Him first. In the pursuit of her purpose and destiny, she held to the principles and ethics her parents and grandparents bestowed in her. With those standards and morals, she built her family.

Oliver firmly believes that someone’s financial success is greatly determined by their ability to take ownership of their financial livelihood. “Individuals are not able to take ownership of their finances unless they first comprehend what is shielding them from acquiring financial success. The main culprit is barriers. Barriers will frustrate, hinder, limit, and restrict your financial wealth,” Oliver states in her book, ‘The Master Key to Complete Financial Freedom’.

With her book, Oliver empowers individuals with the “Master Key” to finding financial freedom. Her mission is to create, enlighten, and empower committed effective stewards of finances. Her firm offers impeccable services to those who want to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, want to better manage their finances, those who need a practical perspective of their financial status, need to improve their credit standing, desire to multiply their saving potential, and desire to leave a legacy. Services are available in many facets including one on one, group settings, and speaking platforms.

Oliver’s primary objective is to increase her clients financial literacy awareness so they can fully understand how money works. “Money can work hard for you instead of you working hard for it. Once that concept is learned then the vicious cycle and hold of debt can be removed,” she says.
Oliver’s husband, Larry and their son, Uriah ensure she keeps her priorities in right perspective with their encouragement and support. When not ministering and working with her business, organization, and daily routine, she is enjoying life in South Carolina.

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