Star Broadus – A Rising Star

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | September 13th, 2018
Star Broadus (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

Star Broadus (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

One never knows how or when their blessings will be delivered. How many times have you asked your creator for a change, but overlooked it once it was provided because of its packaging? How long did you work a dead-end job day after day, or even a promising job that you just didn’t love, only to get laid off and find something more fulfilling, but completely different than what you thought you would be doing? Star Broadus is proof that if you have faith and take chances, you may just find your calling where you least expect it.

Growing up, Star’s father and her older brother were incarcerated regularly. Even still, her mother tried to do the best as possible as a single mother of four who was limited by an inability to work because of Lupus. Those circumstances forced Star, who was the eldest in the household, to transition into the role of a parent, caring for her twin siblings and working a full-time job while attending school. Not to be denied, she later obtained her GED and began attending a community college, eventually obtaining an Associates of Science degree in Psychology.

Life continued to happen for Star. At the young age of 19, she became a single mother herself after her daughter’s father became incarcerated. She soon realized that she was repeating the same cycle as her parents. Star refused to allow that generational curse to have precedence in her life or future. That same year, she stumbled upon a newspaper ad offering help with home ownership. She applied but was not approved because her credit score was too low due to several unpaid medical bills. She later received instruction on how to remove those bills from her credit, she followed them, and it worked. While most people are struggling to get through school or simply find a job, Star purchased her first home and her first car as a teenager. “It was tenacity and persistence that allowed me to accomplish these goals. Not only was I the first in my family to be a homeowner, I was the first to graduate from college,” she said.

After all of Star’s accomplishments, things were beginning to look good. But as life happened, chaos and confusion would find its way back to her. By the time she was 21, Star was already juggling several responsibilities. She was working in the credit card banking industry as an inbound call center representative, while also working nursing jobs on the side. While working there, she experienced a lapse in judgement and made a decision that led to being incarcerated for a year and away from the one thing she lived for, her daughter Serenity. She also lost both jobs and once released, she could no longer work in her previous 9-to-5 career because of her felony conviction. So, she decided to become a hair stylist and salon owner in her hometown of Hagerstown, MD. “After doing hair for some time, I realized there had to be something more. I wanted a lot more out of life,” Star reminisces.

In 2012, the resourceful, single mother packed up her home and her daughter and relocated to Charlotte, NC. “I didn’t have a job lined up, but I had a little bit of money in my savings, so I took a chance and leap of faith. I got my first job at a movie theater downtown and I loved it,” she giggles.

When it was time to enroll her daughter in school, she was hired as a Teacher’s Assistant, simply by asking a counselor about entry-level opportunities. A few short years later, Star was assigned her own class, teaching middle and high school math. Her persistence and determination were paying off and the odds were definitely in her favor.

Quite often, teachers must supplement their income because of the ever-growing problem with the tight budgets within the school systems. Teachers often use their personal funds to purchase school supplies for the classroom, and additional items for children whose parents cannot afford them. As she enjoyed having an impact on her students, Star was forced to consider part-time employment. One day, while scrolling on a social media site, she ran across an opportunity to assist others who needed help cleaning up their credit. She applied and was accepted. Within four months of becoming a “independent” credit repair agent with a reputable company, Star was able to leave her teaching job and dive in full-time as an entrepreneur.

“I love helping people obtain financial freedom. Knowing I helped someone buy their first house or obtain their first credit card is fulfilling, “says Star. “Having only this business has allowed me to earn more income than I was making teaching and working two and three job’s. It has also enabled me to pay for my daughter’s tuition at NC A&T in Greensboro, without any financial worries at all.”

Star has grown her business tremendously and services clients in all 50 states. She also has extended the business opportunity to others that were looking to be financially free and tired of the “rat race” of working dead end jobs. She states, “no one will ever be able to become a millionaire by working a (9 to 5) job. This is just the reality that most do not understand.” What she loves most about her career is the fact that she is changing lives and being financially rewarded at the same time. There are more than 43 million Americans living with challenged or poor credit and she loves being the one to help. “If a person has bankruptcies, medical bills or even student loans reporting negatively on their credit file we can help remove them,” Star explains.

There are many things that can plague a consumer’s pockets. From health issues to crime, to the lack of education, or a simple mishap. All of these can cause a setback. With the economy on the upswing and housing currently shifting to a buyer’s market, Star stresses this is the perfect time to get your finances in order. Money is power, but credit is king. And being an entrepreneur in this particular business can change your life also. Any business owner will tell you that they’d much rather work for themselves, adhering to their own schedule and controlling their income, instead of making someone else wealthy.

Star enccourages anyone who is interested in owning their own business and that would love to join the team on this mission of financial freedom to definitely contact her. “It doesn’t matter what city or state that you live in, we have agents nationwide. Training is provided, no degree is required, and there are no background checks. We are looking for self motivated go-getters. You have nothing to lose! Don’t let someone else control your destiny,” she encourages. All it takes is a leap of faith. This business will allow Star to retire in five years. A question she likes to leave upon others is “where will you be in five years, based on what you are doing today. ”

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