Stephanie Carver

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Stephanie Carver (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Stephanie Carver (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Life has its twist and turns, however Stephanie Carver rises from the ashes of adversity and oppression into her promise land of milk and honey. Now a days, divorce and being a single parent seem like familiar societal norms. What’s not normal is how she has managed to navigate through these gates of subjugation utilizing her personal life experiences as a blue print to combat oppressive forces. Unfortunately, we know all too well that life happens and things can go very wrong at times.. Well, Stephanie is no different. At one point in her life she had it all – – marriage, children, and a well-paying job in corporate America. Inevitably life happened and she found herself in a volatile marriage and soon afterward unemployed and homeless. Stephanie credits God for being the one stable anchor in her life through it all. She also credits Him with giving her the wisdom to work part-time on her business, Perfect Harmony Graphics and Sound, the one stop shop for all types of event printing and planning, even while she had gainful employment. The impetus for her business was drawn from volunteer work she did for her church, family and friends. Stephanie is thankful the people she love not only love her but aided in honoring her creative skills by entrusting her with designing, programs, obituaries, invitations, flyers and commemorative booklets, over the years. It was during these special occasions when people began to take notice of her anointed abilities and since then the referrals haven’t stopped flowing. She firmly believes that praying and being under the leadership of Apostle Mary D. McKenzie, incorporating the teachings of the 4 E’s, Evangelism, Empowerment, Education and Entrepreneurship from Faith Assembly Christian Center, THE NEW CHURCH has undoubtedly been a major blessing in manifesting God’s will in her life.

It is clear that when the blessings begin to flow you have to be ready for the transition. After losing her main job at IBM, Stephanie was fortunate enough to work for her cousin for a season while still garnering clientele for her own business that she was working from her home. Within a year she has been able to step out on faith into an actual office suite where she has expanded her business. “In March I branched out into my own office so I could expand several different parts of the business. The first part of Perfect Harmony Graphics and Sound is printing and copying. This is where we do anything that a store like Kinko’s or Staples can do. Now we’ve incorporated an event side where we actually coordinate and plan special events like designing a wedding program to planning the entire wedding. We also do creative parties and graduation celebrations from beginning to end. Perfect Harmony Graphics and Sound also produces the lighting, music, and live sound for these events. We can do it all right here. We can be the one stop shop that people need.” The passion and satisfaction that motivates her in this area of her life is the personal connection she makes with each client. “The one thing I love about this business is that I have the ability to personalize and customize whatever my clients need,” she shares.

Remaining transparent is important to Stephanie as her business and volunteerism expands through the Triangle area into other cities in the United States. She wants people to know that her “business was really a recovery from being a survivor of domestic violence, losing her job and then being attacked and raped. Regardless of the situation you’re in you can always have a bounce back spirit and conquer it.” Stephanie encourages people to find what they love to do and do it. She firmly believes that God has created and endowed everyone with the ability to do something and that when we find that something we should love it and learn to live in it instead of merely existing through life. In fact, she is so steadfast in her belief of having a “bounce back spirit” that when she preached her initial sermon, “There’s Life After Death,” she realized that her experiences were there to undergird her testimony. She says, “God gave me that title because when you’re in a situation like divorce you feel like you’re in a dead space but then when you find that purpose inside of you that’s when you come back to life and understand that there is life after death. You understand that you can’t live in the struggle. … So I would say to anyone to keep your foundation in Christ. That’s just what brought me over and that’s my drive. I can do this. I was created for this,” she shares.

As a community social justice advocate, minister, and evangelist, Stephanie partners with community constituents (Amazing Grace Adoption Agency) to share factual knowledge about laws and policies that affect education, domestic violence, rape victims, and Dumpster Babies that may otherwise be overlooked within the community. One of her current victories surrounding education has been that she she aided in collecting over 5,000 signatures. She had an amazing team working with her to increase the High School dropout age from 16 to 18 which is a laudable accomplishment. Additionally, Stephanie advocates on behalf of Dumpster Babies. It has been her experience that, “Sometimes women end up pregnant from being raped and if they have these children some women will abandon these children inside of a dumpster instead of taking them someplace safe like Amazing Grace Adoption Agency, the fire department or the police station out of fear of being arrested for abandonment and charged with a crime or simply being embarrassed. So I want people to know that there are safe places to leave these children. I want them to know that there is another option because I promote life.”

Promoting life comes in multiple and competing ways for Stephanie. One way is being a viable parent for her two daughters and another way is authoring two novels that are spiritual self-help books. Next month Stephanie will launch these two books simultaneously. The first book is entitled, After the Alter and Before the Pulpit and the other title is You Were Born To Embrace and Triumph the Brain Power of Your Advisory: Come As YOU ARE God Has Need of You.

Both of these books speak to God’s ability to empower us to triumph over the struggles in our lives. It is going through the struggle that Stephanie believes comes any testimony. She shares, “I believe that God allowed my struggle to be so hard so I can be committed and really make a change. I do everything within my social justice advocacy on a voluntary basis. It’s my way of giving back especially because He has really prospered my business.”
Stephanie would like for her community to know that she stands by her ministries as well as her business. She literally walks her talk. Stephanie says, “My business really is everything that I stand and fight for. I want to encourage everyone that wants to step out there and own their own business or work in the community to focus on the benefits and overlook the no’s. I never want to paint this perfect picture that everything is great and there aren’t going to be any struggles because there are giants that you will have to face whenever you’re trying to conquer anything but you just have to focus on the doors that open for you. Don’t waste time trying to convince the no’s because that one yes will be more than enough,” she assures the person desiring to own their own business

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