Stephanie Carver

by Terry Watson | May 17th, 2017
Stephanie Carver (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

Stephanie Carver (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

When looking for high quality and personal service, Perfect Harmony Graphics & Sound is your one stop shop. They offer the best in graphic design, event planning and live sound production. Their rates are competitive with no hidden fees. Some of her products include Flyers, Banners, Obituaries, Weddings, Graduation Celebrations, and more. She is committed to helping her clients achieve the best experience possible.

Stephanie Carver is the brains and muscles behind PHGS. The business began ten years ago by word or mouth while she was volunteering to help a few people she knew. “I thought I was just helping friends,but one thing led to another and now we are a full fledged business. I love being able to personalize each design and each event to fit the needs and vision for each client,” she says.

Carver is a native of Roxboro, N.C., and graduated from Person Senior High School. She furthered her education at Campbell University in Buies Creek, N.C. She is the daughter of Bruce and Marie Lyons, and Terry Harris. She is also a mother of two beautiful children, KatLynn Alyssa and Harmoni Joi.
In addition to being a business owner, she is also an ordained elder at Faith Assembly Christian Center, (The New Church) located in Durham, N.C., and serves under the leadership of Apostle Mary D. McKenzie. She loves ministry in the market place and going out into the hedges and the highways to reconcile the lost back to Christ. She is also campaigning to raise the high school drop out age and being tried as an adult from 16 to 18. She has collected over 5000 signatures on a petition for this cause over the past two years.

She is a domestic violence and rape survivor as well as community advocate for date rape and domestic violence, and works vigorously to help bring an end to dumpster babies.

All over the world there are women that deliver babies and throw them in dumpsters instead of dealing with the shame they feel. Carver says some women have been raped, abused and others are teenagers that simply are ashamed of their parents, guardians, or their community finding out their secret.

There are countless stories of mothers abandoning unwanted newborn babies in dumpsters, trash cans, roadways and porches. Most people are not aware of the safe haven laws that allow mothers to leave their unwanted babies in locations such as hospitals, churches, police departments, fire departments, and health departments, without being charged with a crime.

Carver states that presently all 50 states have safe haven laws. Once the child is surrendered, they move forward to find a home for the child by adoption. “I speak to our community to help erase the negative thinking concerning adoption,” she says.

Be on the lookout for the release of Carver’s two books that will be released in June 2017, Born To Embrace Adversity and Triumph, and After the Altar and Before the Pulpit.

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