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Isac Manns | March 8th, 2012
James Johnson

James Johnson (Photo by James Johnson)

A concerned father and husband, an employee for the City of Greensboro, and a part-time disc jockey, James Johnson is on a mission to end community violence. He is hosting an event in Greensboro called; Stop the Violence —Gun Drop. This event is targeted towards the entire Triad community at large, especially pre-teens and teenagers between the ages 10-21.

He is on a mission to bring awareness of the dangers of having a concealed weapon, educating families on how many guns are really on the streets, and to get rid of all illegal guns that pre-teens and teenagers have in their possession.

Johnson was inspired to start this event because of the recent shootings in the Greensboro area and shootings close to his heart. Two of his family members were killed in 2011 due to gun violence. In addition, he also served as a member of the Hope Project; a city based gang prevention organization, for a year and has witnessed the lives of youth being saved because of these events.

Some of the challenges Johnson currently faces is marketing the event to young teens and teenagers about how important it is to stop the violence in our community. He also mentioned it may be a challenge to get youth with guns to give up their weapons and to trust him. He wants to see his initiative, “Gun Drop” merge into other cities and other counties within a year. He wants to team up with other organizations to make this a huge event that spreads across the state.

To support James Johnson and Stop the Violence —Gun Drop, just spread the word by posting the event on Facebook, Twitter or calling on your local leaders to speak on this issues.

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