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by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Secquoyah Lacy

Secquoyah Lacy

It’s all about the hair; healthy and beautiful hair.

Secquoyah Lacy, also known as SuesyCoils, is a 24-year-old Micro-Influencer and entrepreneur that resides in Milwaukee, WI. Secquoyah was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL, and is the middle child of four. Being a business owner, it is hard to believe that she was once a shy, reserved, independent, and protective young person. She shares, as a young girl growing up, I was known for my hair. However, I didn’t realize the true beauty and confidence that accompanied it.”

Even with compliments and admiration for her hair, Secquoyah experienced doubt and even hatred at times. She describes it as a love-hate relationship. “I would never wear it in its natural state, though my father encouraged me to and embrace the kinks and coils. Still, I never would. I honestly thought he was crazy. I always feared that it would appear short or ugly, or nappy,” she says. Secquoyah’s viewpoint completely changed as a college student at Illinois State University. There she studied Sociology and due to the lack of attention, care, and resources, the way she saw and handled her hair changed.

At Illinois State University she didn’t have her mom to take her to hair appointments every two weeks. She didn’t have a proper diet, nor was she educated on how to keep her hair healthy. She experienced severe hair breakage and allergic reactions to mainstream products. Once she realized the source of the issues she had with her hair, she took matters into her own hands and became a self-described “research queen”. “This is where I fell in love with all things natural. The overload of information about essential oils, herbs, meditation, reflection, and how they can help heal the body sparked a sense of intrigue within me. I found myself constantly sharing tips, remedies, and products I made with things around me. My initial thought was why not get on YouTube and help to inform and inspire others. I knew I wasn’t the only one who lacked the proper information about hair care. I wanted to help everyone I possibly could, and so this is how SuesyCoils was born, with the intention to share my knowledge about hair and share natural ways to take care of your body,” she says.

The SuesyCoilsCare is a truly diverse line of hair care products and includes the basic essentials for taking care of your hair. There is the Coil Crack™️ Hair System, the Coil King Collection, the SuesyCoilsCare Bonnet, SuesyCoilsCare Skin, and various Coil accessories. The Coil Crack™️ System consists of Shampoo bars, Conditioner, Hair Growth Oil, Edge Control, and Twisting Cream. The products in the Coil Crack™️ Hair System are infused with fenugreek, rosemary, and other natural ingredients that are designed to relieve dry/ itchy scalp, promote hair growth, stimulate, and repair damaged hair follicles, and rebuild and strengthen hair shafts, thus making detangling easier all while leaving your hair strands moisturized. Secquoyah says “after just one wash, you’ll be addicted. My two best-sellers are the Coil Crack™️ Hair Growth Oil- RollerBall and the SuesyCoilsCare bonnet.”

She shares The Coil Crack™️ Hair Growth Oil- RollerBall stimulates hair growth, moisturizes hair and scalp, may prevent hair loss and breakage, treats dandruff, treats premature graying, kills bacteria on the scalp, and improves scalp health. It is infused with fenugreek, rosemary, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, and lavender. The RollerBall bottle is good for braids (of any kind), short beards, edges, bald spots, and traveling. The massaging from the roller ball helps stimulate growth as well. This application will not leave your fingers oily.

The SuesyCoilsCare Bonnet has a satin thick wide stretchy band, good for laying edges. It is big enough to secure braids and will stay on your head all night. So, no more waking up with your hair all over your head. It’s soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The SuesyCoilsCare Bonnet has even been worn by celebrity influencer, Dream Doll.

So how did Secquoyah get started? She shares she launched SuesyCoilsCare in May 2019, right after graduating from Illinois State University. “SuesyCoilsCare literally fell into my lap. It was not my intention to start a business or sell products at all. I solely made products for myself and planned to create tutorials to share with the world on YouTube. Yet, friends and family would request products and encourage me to sell them,” she says. But she hadn’t made the connection yet. Graduation came and she had no idea of what she could do that would bring in reasonable finances. However, something was happening in her dreams while she was sleeping. She shares, “I saw my logo, product labels, recipe ideas and so much more all in my sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I had dreams and had to wake up and write down the ideas that naturally flowed to me. Soon I started to breathe, live, and dream all things SuesyCoilsCare I knew it was what I was supposed to do. It was my purpose.”

Being an entrepreneur, Secquoyah has faced some challenges. One has been scammers who are not playing fair in the world of business. She counters their efforts by carefully researching potential business-related transactions before sending any money out. She is also challenged running a business in itself and understands that it takes a lot of courage and confidence to keep pushing forward. And she is doing that very well.

She says what she loves most about her business is the chance to help other people fall in love with their hair and gain self-confidence. She also loves the opportunity she has to inspire and encourage others who look like her. “The fact that I can inspire others, truly inspires me because I know I have so many people watching and rooting for me. I can’t wait until I am in position to help other young women pursue their dreams as well. I am also inspired by my father who passed away in January 2019. From day one, he encouraged me to embrace my naturalness and look how far it has gotten me. I am very appreciative of the way my life panned out, but I wish I could have him here on this journey with me. He is my inspiration, and I keep going with that hope that I am making him proud,” she shares.

Her advice to anyone who is thinking about starting a business such as hers is to try every single idea. “Make sure you test and trust your products before putting them out. You should always be 100% confident in whatever product or service you offer. Know what you’re talking

about and be confident. Always be willing to learn and share what you know. When you put good in the world, good returns back to you,” she says.

Moving forward, Secquoyah plans to launch SuesyCoilsCare Skin, which will be a product line of various skincare products, face bars, sugar scrubs, face masks, and more. She will also launch the Kiddie Coils Collection, a product line for children. She is also coming out with a specialty hair oil line that targets a specific problem. These oils will be released and accompanied with educational information to further her initiative to be transparent about what’s in her products.

To learn more about Suesy Coils Care, please visit her website.

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