Superior Janitorial Service and Walter Stinson

by Tonya Dixon | January 9th, 2013
Walter Stinson (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Walter Stinson (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Superior Janitorial Service has become one of the most respected and experienced cleaning companies in the Triad area. The company has gained a statewide reputation for offering exceptional services and being passionate about educating consumers and the industry on best practices.

Owner and operator, Walter Stinson, Jr. has spent the better part of 15 years building Superior Janitorial Services—a highly successful cleaning company. To date, the company services 28 commercial accounts and over 390 residential clients. Superior comes highly recommended by prominent citizens, local realtors, and many Triad area property management companies as well as various other businesses.

By 1998, Stinson had his fill of working 40-50 hours a week for someone else. From delivery driver to retail clerk to bank teller, even franchise owner, he pretty much did it all, including a four year term serving in the United States Army, in which he was honorably discharged. He learned a great deal working in so many different environments. One of the most important things he learned was how to please the customer and to get every job done and done right. Consequently, that same year, he decided he needed to explore working for himself. After much trial, error and contemplation, he decided to open his own cleaning service—SUPERIOR Janitorial Service.

Currently, SUPERIOR is one of the Triad’s top commercial cleaning providers. The company prides itself on its exceptional attention to customer service and “superior” customer satisfaction. Stinson says he wants his clients to be proud of their decision to choose his company for ALL their janitorial needs. As a matter of fact, the company maintains a strict 100 percent money back guarantee if a client is dissatisfied with the work of Superior Janitorial Services.

“We don’t want to have anyone in our community who is displeased with the services we provide,” Stinson says. “If that happens to you, we will rush back to your location to remedy the situation. If you are still unimpressed, you owe us nothing and we will give you a complete refund.” In addition, customers are provided a free estimate and walkthrough analysis, so they are completely well-informed from the very beginning.

Not only is it difficult to find a dissatisfied or disgruntled client, it’s just as difficult to find a service that Superior Janitorial does not offer or is able to handle. The company cleans virtually everything from small office spaces to large corporate buildings; no job is too big or too small. Boasting a “superior” staff of 14, three mobile units, top-of-the-line commercial-grade equipment and products, an informative website and mobile communications, and strategically situated throughout North Carolina, Superior is ready, willing and able to serve.

The company offers window cleaning, wall washing, stripping and waxing, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, restroom sanitation and much more. Additionally, Superior specializes in carpet and hardwood floor cleaning. He believes his ability to offer that additional service is what sets his company apart from and above all other local cleaning services. He says it’s not very common for janitorial businesses to offer full service carpet and floor cleaning. “People don’t usually include carpet cleaning with janitorial,” he says. Not only does the company offer the service, but it has become a specialty. He has emerged as a leader in the industry. His company is referred by Greensboro’s most prominent citizens and businesses. Local flooring retailer, Patterson Carpets, Inc. refers Superior exclusively, for all carpet and floor cleaning needs.

Moreover, Stinson has become a leader and consultant in the carpet cleaning industry. He has even written a book chronicling the sometimes scary and often difficult process of averting carpet cleaning scams and carpet maintenance. The book is appropriately titled, How to Avoid Nightmare Carpet Cleaners. It offers great insider tips on hiring a qualified carpet cleaner as well as an in depth explanation of the systems used and a highly informative resource guide on how to choose flooring. It endeavors to answer the questions of people unfamiliar with the business and teaches them to ask the right questions when hiring a potential cleaning service. Customers are advised to ask the following questions:
· What kind of reputation do you have?
· How many years of experience do you have?
· What kind of system(s) do you use?
· What kind of guarantee do you offer?
· How can I best care for my own carpet?

Although, Stinson and Superior Janitorial has seen tremendous growth and experienced professional highs, there were also years of stagnation and lows. He initially began his business as a franchise owner, but after devastating financial losses he reasoned that he could handle a similar business on his own without having to deal with the issues that accompanied running a business that was not technically 100 percent his own.

Even after he launched Superior Janitorial, he still had to produce big results with small resources. He took it one step at a time, cleaning smaller businesses and working his way to larger, more lucrative accounts all the while reinvesting in himself and slowly gathering a return.

“I started cleaning for businesses such as small finance companies, local N.C. DMV offices and event centers. I also found myself doing a few residential carpet cleaning jobs for family, friends, neighbors and referrals in the Triad with a huge, heavy, low-speed buffer and a Hoover Steam Cleaner,” says Stinson. “I remember my oldest brother would help out occasionally in the evenings but would always laugh at me saying, man, you should have came up with a better idea, bro.”

He says his father would tell him he needed to find a job. His mother helped out right from the start. His wife LaTonya assisted in numerous ways, including office tasks and field projects. Nevertheless, he pressed forward and continued to do what he had to do for his business. It wasn’t easy getting a janitorial business off the ground, especially with just a four-door Cavalier and a pick-up truck as the company vehicles, but he made it work and soon doors began to open. He was able to purchase better equipment and a vehicle that could sustain the work load and he was even able to hire additional staff. As the business grew in size he began to see growth in customer retention and referral.

Stinson is now reaping the rewards of hard work and perseverance. Superior Janitorial Service is known and respected in the community and throughout the state as an industry leader. Since 2005, The accredited company has maintained an A+ Rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau and receives the most inquiries of any other comparable triad janitorial businesses on the BBB website. In addition, Stinson has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors with the BBB. Stinson doesn’t take his blessings for granted. He is quite aware of how far his company has come and has been humbled from the experience. His failures and successes fuel him to do more and reach higher.

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