Suprena Hickman

Dr. Marrissa Dick | March 15th, 2018
Suprea Hickman

Suprea Hickman

If you’ve lived long enough you have certainly experienced some emotional and psychological hurt in your life. Depending upon the person, conquering these traumatic experiences is easier for some than for others. Finding a way to heal and press pass the pain can be a great challenge- especially if you don’t know how to let go of that past pain. This is where having a coach can assist you in escaping your past, so you can have a healthier future. Meet Suprena L. Hickman, Nurse Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Certified Integrative Health Coach. Suprena likes to think of herself as the Harriet Tubman for the Heart because she assists women in Escaping from their pasts into freedom; however, most people simply know her as – – The Escape Coach. An Escape Coach? Sounds different doesn’t it? Yes, it does, and it is different. According to Suprena, “An Escape Coach helps others get away from their past hurts. I do a lot of work on the heart. Instead of trying to only forgive somebody else who hurt you, you also have to learn to forgive and be kind to yourself and a lot of people don’t know how to do that.”

Though she can coach all clients, her passion is with helping women who are caregivers. She shares, “A lot of the women that I’m called to help are caregivers or service-industry professionals who have neglected themselves because they’re taking care of their husband, kids, a sick relative, or overworked on their job. When you’re pleasing everybody else you forget about yourself. As women and caregivers, we must learn to set boundaries and we must also learn how to say, no. As odd as that sounds, many people don’t know how to say no. At the end of the day, they have accomplished everything for everybody else and haven’t done anything for themselves because now they’re too exhausted. That’s why it’s important to have some escape time everyday- even throughout the day. People who are caregivers often give off vibes that they are always available when they actually are not. But then what happens if the person you’re providing that care for dies or you divorce? For some, a divorce is like a death. Or, what if you lose that job that consumed all of your time? Then, these individuals would become lost. I see this happening a lot especially after a divorce. All the woman’s energy was spent focusing on that man or husband and now that he’s gone the woman doesn’t know how to get herself back. Often, he’s moved on maybe even in another relationship, but she’s stuck harboring resentment. Also, as an Escape Coach I help people escape from toxic relationships. You know some people have become so use to verbal, physical or emotional abuse that they don’t know or even remember what it feels like to be treated genuinely. I coach women on how to release that anger and bitterness, so they don’t pass it down to the next generation. You know it’s like they’re spoiled fruit and don’t realize that they’re planting those same spoiled seeds in other people sometimes maybe even inside of their own children or they take it to other relationships. I help them escape from that toxic past, so they can stop attracting other toxic folks.”

Suprena literally focuses on helping women remove the steal wall that’s surrounding them keeping them from moving forward with life. She understands that people can’t be fully present in life if they’re holding onto past hurts and it causes you to not be as creative or as effective as you can be.

Now that we have clarity of what an Escape Coach does how does she do it? How can you escape when you’re still being that “caregiver or still carrying that resentment?” According to Suprena, “I just want to utilize as much of my skills to help Inspire, Impact, and Empower women one escape at a time. I do private retreats, transformational workshops, or it might be an outing maybe even a movie or having a dance. I also teach women how to escape even if they don’t have funds. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you still can’t do stuff at home. I teach my clients how they can create some space- even with a house full of kids. There’s a bathroom or a balcony or a laundry room. Hardly anybody is going to bother you in your own bathroom.” Suprena also believes that it’s possible to learn other crafts to help you escape. She says, “When I was in high school I learned how to bake and decorate cakes and as I got older I turned that into a pro table business. Baking and decorating helped me to relieve stress and it also made others happy. Now, I combine my signature treats with some of my sessions. I call them my “A Sweet Escape” and “Conversations and Chewies”. That really goes over well. When you let go of those toxic emotions then you can feel your purpose come back alive.”

Knowing how to help others has always been a part of Suprena’s life. From observing her mother caring for family members and others in her community as she grew up, she believes that’s where her foundation began. She also understands that she’s spiritually sensitive. Suprena shares, “I know I’m spiritually sensitive and it took me a long time to understand that. God has gifted me with the ability to feel and see a lot. I can’t fix everything, but what I can do is give inspiration, empower you, and impact women in bad times- and that’s just something I innately do. You know seeing people heal is priceless to me. A lot of times I don’t get to see that but through Escaping I get to see that transformation. You know as women we often fake it until we make it and that’s not always good because you’re covering something up. I’ll always be a nurse, but I’ve learned to just use my stethoscope differently now as an Escape Coach. I’m not pushing needles and inserting catheters and weaning people off the ventilator; instead, I’m pushing Inspiration; I’m Impacting lives; and I’m Empowering women by helping them uncover and recover so they can let go of their past and enter into a successful future one Escape at a time.”

Suprena offers her Escape services in a variety of ways. She is also the co-founder of a teen empowerment organization called Girls Rocking In The South, LLC (GRITS). This is an Escape 2 Sisterhood teen mentoring group. She believes that by helping young teenage girls take care of and respect themselves now when they become older women, these practices will already be incorporated into their daily lives. She also designs Corporate Escapes, which offer sessions for burnout prevention and relief. Suprena understands that happy employees bring happy customers. She believes that Investing in your employees will yield a great return and create a healthier working environment. Suprena also offers Escape Boot Camps which is a weekend program held in Wilmington or surrounding areas. This Escape is designed to lead you into focusing on mental, physical, and spiritual balance. The Escape Boot Camp also affords you the opportunity to experience what a personal escape looks and feels like. With Suprena as your Escape Coach for the weekend, you are sure to leave the weekend feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more goal-oriented. This program includes a couple of interactive workshops, a personal session with Suprena, healthy snacks, meals, and an official Escape Guide to provide you with the tools needed to assist you during your Escape and help you move to the next level in your life.

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