Surreal Spice Creations

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Surreal Spice Creations (Photos by Surreal McDonald)

Surreal Spice Creations (Photos by Surreal McDonald)

Surreal Spice Creations is a unique, custom salad and wrap restaurant in Antioch, TN. Owner Surreal McDonald, says they use nothing but fresh ingredients to create very delicious entrees.

Surreal was raised in Detroit, MI by entrepreneurs Doyle and Pamela Johnson. She married the love of her life Tywane McDonald in 2013, while living in Charleston, S.C. She has one daughter, Veronica Adams and one stepson, Jaylen. Before opening her own restaurant, she worked in corporate America for 10 years. “I took a leap of faith and left my job to open Surreal. When my husband came on board, the business really took off. He built walls, counters, and helped outfit the business with affordable equipment,” she says. “If he didn’t step out on faith along with me, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are now.”

Surreal comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents have been business owners for over 40 years and her sister has owned her business for over 20 years. Her husband’s parents were also business owners. “The apples didn’t fall far from the tree, it just took us longer to figure that out,” she said.

Surreal Spice Creations offers their customers over 50 fresh ingredients to choose from. They can make salads or wraps, and their menu is endless with unique spins and combinations. “There are too many unhealthy choices around town and we used to have to drive 30 minutes away for a fresh salad. I wanted to give our customers a better option than we had,” she says.

They also make fresh soups daily. The customer favorite at Surreal is their Ground Turkey Chili. “We can’t make enough of it. My personal favorite is our wild rice, chicken with lemon soup”.

Being a business owner has allowed her more flexibility with her family. “I’m showing them that their dreams can happen if they have faith and believe. As a black business owner, I thought the struggle was going to be harder than it was. I never thought we would have as many supporters as we do from all different cultures and walks of life. There is a stereotype of black businesses not being able to be successful for whatever reason. However, I feel we’re doing something right and have seemed to surpass the negatively that awaited us. We help other businesses grow and try to develop other entrepreneurs while asking for nothing in return,” she says.

For the past four months, they’ve been working on expanding their current location. They now have two units and celebrated their one year anniversary on August 27th of this year. “We don’t plan to do anything major soon, but they recently partnered with a friend to open a gourmet popcorn shop in Antioch. It will be called “Whatz Poppin”. Stop by Surreal Spice Creations and allow them to spice up your day with some delicious food and great customer service.

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