Surviving, That Has Become The New Normal

by Terry Watson | May 30th, 2020
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

It appears that out of nowhere the Covid-19/Corona Virus pandemic has arrived. With its onset, the world all of sudden came to a screeching halt. Churches have been closed, businesses are shutdown, the new term of social distancing became part of society’s vocabulary, and it has been alright to shop in the grocery store while being masked. This is our new normal.

As a small business owner who greatly depends on the business and support of other small businesses and their patrons, I have felt the brunt of this global pandemic also. It has caused me to adjust the ways I operate and develop more effective methods to produce and share my products and services, all while to trying to be profitable and relevant. The new normal is quite simply learning how to survive during a pandemic.

With revenue being the most vital component needed to operate and sustain a small business, many owners have been greatly impacted by Covid-19 in a negative manner. How do we survive? How will our bills be paid, and most importantly how will I be able to feed and care for my family? We need revenue and the support and patriotism from those who have kept our doors open. Unfortunately, these individuals are facing the same or similar challenges themselves.

As a result of everything that has occurred, our ability to survive and maintain has become our new normal. The things that we once did, just don’t work the same today. This doesn’t mean the end is near, I believe that God is really telling us that He continues to have all the power and our today and tomorrow still flows through Him. In our complacently of accepting the hustle and bustle of yesterday, God proves yet again that He will turn our world upside down to get us on track with Him. Surviving has become the normal. Lets embrace it and be better than we were before Covid-19.

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