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by Terry Watson | March 11th, 2015
Stephanie Street (Photos by Mykel Media Company, LLC)

Stephanie Street (Photos by Mykel Media Company, LLC)

Stephanie Street describes herself as a strong black woman who has reached some goals but still has her eyes on higher ones, like returning to college, getting involved in community organizations, and building her business, Sweet Street Designs. Additionally, she has worked in the education field for more than 18 years, and currently works as a pre-kindergarten teacher at Bennett College.

“I am a sister, mother, auntie who is wonderful and very much loved by everyone I come across. I enjoy teaching and helping children become wonderful intelligent students. I am someone who is there when you need a friend with a smile and a shoulder to lean on,” she says.

In the summer of 2013 while working, she reminisced on how she used to make her own earrings as a child. After learning about her childhood hobby, her co-workers asked her to make some for them. At that very moment, Street’s flame for fashion design was ignited. So every day during lunch time she would go to her favorite store, Jo-Ann’s to buy fabric to make earrings while on her break.

Street is a crafter by nature, so coming up with her own shapes and styles came naturally. After making so many for her family members, she says she couldn’t stop. “I would give some away to co-workers and friends to see if they would wear them more than one time. My parents started asking if I sold them. That is when I said to myself maybe I have something,” says Street. She then had one of her friends’ mothers to make some business cards; she then applied for a business license, stepped out on faith and started her business.

She makes handmade nautical fabric earrings and bowties for men and women. She also makes women clutch bags, children bowties and hair bows, pillow cases, and repairs custom jewelry. She says she will make products for all occasions and events. What she loves most about her business is all the love and uniqueness that develops when she makes a product with her hands. She also loves the feeling she gets when she takes a picture of a customer wearing her products.

Her mother, Mrs. Shirley C. Street – Graves is the one who has impacted her life the most. “She is a strong, beautiful, hardworking single mother of six children. She has won her battle with cancer three times only because she never gives up her faith in the Lord to see her through. She helps everyone, family and strangers, including homeless citizens in her community,” Street explains. The values her mother instilled in her has shaped her into the person she is now.

Having a business that is rooted in fashion requires Street to keep her ears to the street because the landscape is always changing. However she is able to sustain her edge because she marches to the beat of her own drum with creating styles and looks that are unique to her. “Fashion is an expression of how someone sees and feels about fashion in their own way,” says Street. She has always had a crazy, wired sense of style but she is inspired by the tastes of Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and Gwen Stefani. “I love their styles and creativity. I also love how now fashion has come a long way for plus size women, with better fabrics and styles to choose from.”

Street says beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty is what a person feels within their own heart and what they see when they look in the mirror each day. Beauty can be anything you can see, feel, or touch. “We all have beauty within us. If you only tap into yours and not be afraid you will truly see how beautiful you really are.”

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