T-N-T BBQ Opens A New Location

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2019
Travis Davis-Johnson and his wife Tem

Travis Davis-Johnson and his wife Tem

They are at it again. Travis Davis-Johnson and his wife Tem are the proud owners of T-N-T BBQ in Nashville, Tennessee. For years the couple has owned and managed a fledging food service company from a mobile aspect. They had the key ingredients for success under control; good food, good service, and a sound faith in God. They also had an ever-growing customer base who would follow them to wherever they set up shop. Yet there was something deep down on the inside of them both that nagged at their peace.

That nuisance was an actual calling on their lives to expand their business beyond a mobile capacity and open a full-fledged restaurant. When we last spoke with Travis, he said one of the biggest challenges they faced was obtaining a central location that would allow them to serve the masses. Now, they have turned the wheels a little and have opened up shop at 1211 Brick Church Pike in Nashville.

There is one prerequisite before sitting down and eating at T-N-T BBQ; you must be able to handle the heat. Like most other restaurants in Nashville that offers hot chicken, they are also famously known for bringing the heat. The Davis’ have challenged many customers to their hot chicken challenge, with few winners. The name of the flavor is intense and just as scary, M22. Try it at your own risk.

Travis began his business in June 2017. Both him and his wife had an entrepreneurial spirit. He began by selling food. He was a little hesitant at first, but eventually listened to his wife’s advice to do more.

Travis enjoys making food that pleases the mouth. He believes that everyone has an appetite for good eats. He is just doing his part by bringing go food to the table.

Travis offers some advice to others who may be thinking about starting their own business. “Stay focused and motivated. Even when things don’t look favorable, don’t give up. Always have faith that God is directing your steps and He will never leave you nor forsake you,” he says.

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