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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Samuel Hanna

Samuel Hanna

Why go out for food, when there is someone who will do the leg work and bring it to your front door? Take Home Delivery is a mobile waiter service that offers online ordering and delivery from local restaurants to the homes of people in Charlotte and surrounding areas. This original idea and concept was developed by Samuel Hanna. Their goal is to provide a remote dining experience for clients who desire a great tasting meal in the comfort of their own setting.

Hanna says customers can order through the company’s website and its mobile app which is supported by both Apple and Android. “If our customers do not want to order from one of the several dozen restaurants that we are partnered with, they can choose our Maitre’d option and have a restaurant of their choosing delivered to them. We also specialize in multiple restaurant catering, which is a unique service that offers ordering from more than one restaurant at a time, which is especially helpful for holiday parties or special events,” he says. Due to the various dietary needs and wants of their clients, this option makes it convenient and less stressful when planning for an event.

Takehome Delivery was born in 2011 as a result of a personal event that occurred with Hanna in 2009 while he lived in the University area. “I was the unfortunate recipient of an assault and robbery as a Domino’s pizza delivery driver. I suffered some eye damage because of the incident and had to be treated by specialists for months. After recovering, I began to help my family who owns a seafood delivery business in South Carolina. I told my parents about the idea of restaurant food delivery which wasn’t popular at the time. I kept bringing it up periodically over the next several months, until one day my father told me to start my own delivery business. It was at that moment I realized I was hesitating on moving forward with the business because I was still holding onto fear from the Domino’s Pizza robbery. I truly believed the idea was good and the only thing holding me back was fear. I refused to allow fear to win,” Hanna said.

Takehome Delivery isn’t a one man operation. Hanna has surrounded himself with a group of individuals who have devoted themselves to the mission of the business. Running a company is a heavy responsibility but knowing that something he started is also having a real impact on people’s lives makes it worthwhile, Hanna says. Even his toddler son has lended a hand. “When we are in the car riding somewhere he likes to take a TakeHome Delivery menu guide and flip through it. When I see that I realize that I need to develop this business into something he can be proud of,” he says. “I remember how much of an impact my parents seafood delivery business had on me and the things I learned from them. There were many life lessons I took away from it but none more importantly from the dialogue it created between my father and I,” he says.

With Charlotte being a rapidly growing city, the infrastructure is being tested and projects have to be initiated to keep pace with the growth. Until all of this takes place, Takehome Delivery still has to operate and serve its customers. “When I started this business you could drive down I-77 and not get caught in traffic at two in the afternoon with a drive time of less than 10 minutes. Today the same drive takes our mobile waiters 30-40 minutes to make. Accounting for a growing city, planning routes, and maintaining staff in anticipation of traffic congestion during non-peak hours has been one of our challenges for maintaining the quality of our service,” Hanna says. “Our other challenge has been keeping up with technology. When I started TakeHome, there was only a website that people can order through. Today we have a desktop and mobile friendly website, customer ordering app, mobile waiter app, and restaurant app. With all of this technology, we still make it possible for people to call in and talk with an actual Charlottean to place an order.”

They are also faced with the challenge of security. With identity theft on the rise, Takehome Delivery needed to add an extra level of security for its clients. This required some behind the scene work and changes within their policies to ensure security, which included adding a signature pad that allows their customers to sign for their order directly on the mobile waiter app when the food is delivered.

In the future, Hanna sees TakeHome Delivery growing to cover all of Charlotte while maintaining a high level of service that Charlotte can learn to expect out of the staff and its mobile waiters. There are plans to improve their technologies by offering customers the opportunity to upload pictures of the food they order directly onto our Instagram page and by offering a more enjoyable remote dining experience. “I like that people know our staff by name and love calling just to talk with us. I want to continue maintaining our close relationships with our customers and the restaurants that feature their menus through our website,” Hanna says. It sounds like Takehome Delivery is here to stay!

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