Taking The Good With The Bad

by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2014
Terry Watson – Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

While clearing a path in your forest, be cautious and aware of the trees you cut down. Some of them are there to shelter you. Some are there to alter your experience and navigate your direction. Some may look dead, frail and brittle, but if you look at them a little closer, you may find that they are full of life all the way down to their roots. It is also promised that some will fall down on their own after you have used them all up.

No one can make it through life all by themselves. We all require some assistance from someone or something at one time or another. Our help may come in the form of assurance or encouragement from loved ones and friends. Usually these are the ones who get gratification from our successes rather than our failures. Unselfishly they lend their time and hearts to us as we’re closing in our victories, or even in our times of despair. These are the type of individuals like to call treasures of life.

Our help may also hurt at times. Just as easily as we give ourselves a look over in the mirror, others also do it by checking us when we get out of line with life. Have you ever thought about the reason why our difficulties appear to be similar, no matter where we go? Possibly the reason could be that we didn’t fix the problem the last time. Instead we turned left, when we should have turned right, and burned a bridge and compromised a relationship when God wanted us to hang in there and grow from the challenge.

We can’t silence all of our critics but we can control how we deal with them. If you ever take a look out of your window and it seems like half of the whole world is for you, and the other is against you, don’t celebrate or panic. It just means that you are not half as bad or good, as you were the day before.

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