Talyla Cogbill – ABP Boutique

by Terry Watson | July 19th, 2021
Talyla Cogbill (Photos by L&A Photos)

Talyla Cogbill (Photos by L&A Photos)

At the young age of 37, Talyla Cogbill is proving every naysayer wrong.

Talyla was born and raised in Memphis, TN, in the community of Frayser. She is the youngest in a family of eight children (five girls and three boys), offsprings of Pastor John L. Cogbill and Shirley Anne Cogbill. “A self made brick mason raised me. Growing up, I watched my father advertise his business and do quite well. My mother was a Nurses Assistant until my sister Tori died tragically in a car accident at 17. Following Tori’s death, my mother decided to go back to college and study to become a teacher,” she says.

Talyla has always desired to help and serve others. After graduating from high school, she attended college and planned to serve her community by working in some form with politics. However, her path was altered a little once she became a mother and her list of responsibilities grew. “I wanted to provide for my family, and so I worked several different jobs, yielding no satisfaction. I wanted more and knew I had to do something different,” she shares.

Event planning was something Talyla had an interest in and was pretty good at it. She worked at restaurants, assisted with decorating, and even volunteered her talents at church to plan for events. The job at the restaurant would prove to be a stepping stone to what God had genuinely purposed for her.

When Covid 19 swept across the country, Talyla and the community of Jackson, MS wasn’t spared. On March 2, 2020, she was laid off from her job. While this blow could have been devastating, for Talyla, it was liberating. “I was let go as well as many others, and I felt a sigh of relief. I told my employer “thank you” because I knew this was not the job for me,” she shares.
As she walked out the doors, Talyla posted her first flyer promoting All Businesses Prosper. A year and a half later, she is the owner of ABP Boutique, located in the Northpark Mall in Jackson. That was in 2020.

Due to the retail game changing due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many big-name stores are no longer featured in malls. While the doors of many businesses were closed permanently, the pandemic has actually opened the doors for new opportunities like ABP.

ABP is committed to providing small business owners in Jackson an opportunity to showcase and sell their products and services. Some of the businesses owners located at ABP include Indulgence Curves, Pure Fancy’s Charms, Queen Diva Cultural Fashion, Nicole Allen, Flossi Standard Clothing and Accessories, Liz Nicole, Cierca Jordan Beauty Supply, Standard Boutique, Lauren Lanier, Victoria Amiker, Toreka Brown, Kaayla Roberts, Brittney Montgomery, Angela Spencer, Jennifer Harris, and Felecia Sterling. The makeup of the boutique is quite diverse, offering products such lashes, plus-size clothing and accessories, and more.

Talyla also has found time to manage a nonprofit organization, Vision Leaders of Mississippi. VLOM began in November 2019 intending to assist middle school through high school-aged girls with becoming brilliant, self-confident young women. “We want to equip these young ladies with the necessary tools to flourish in any environment. With a directory of over 200 small businesses in ABP, we can join them with a possible career path. I love having the ability to serve, and I want these young ladies to know that we care about them,” she says.

Talyla finds inspiration in knowing that she is doing her part to ensure that everyone succeeds. “If I’m not willing to help, who will? If I don’t help that person, maybe I have possibly failed them. So I will do everything I can to assist anyone who needs my help,” she says.

“I am inspired by my parents, who were the best examples of hard workers, having integrity, and going even when things get complicated. My mother in love, Johnnie Mae Washington, has motivated me by simply setting her sights on what she wanted and getting it. I hope to honor her one day by opening a spot for kids in Mississippi in her name. She has been there for me, even after I divorced her son. I owe a lot to her.”

In the future, Talyla hopes to expand the ABP brand to other shopping malls across the country. In the meantime, she will allow God to order her steps and lead her to where He wants for her to go. To learn more about ABP Boutique and VLOM, please contact Talyla Cogbill directly or visit their website.

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