Tamara Hodges

Arielle Kilgore | September 20th, 2021

Tamara Hodges

The Nyshari Bre Desire Event Venue owner, Tamara Hodges, is pretty good at organizing social events and celebrations in Memphis, TN. Named after her three granddaughters, the fledging establishment blends sentiment and amusement into one, giving her clients an optimal experience that is full of ambiance and elegance.

Nyshari Bre Desire Event Venue hosts weddings, anniversaries, pop-up shops, and other personal and professional affairs. There are several packages that customers can choose from, such as regular, essential, and progressive deals to fit their event needs. Hodges herself does all of the decorating and preplanning. However, she benefits from the consistency and talents of her staff, who play a considerable role in the success of Nyshari Bre Desire.

“I’ve spent years hosting and setting up for events at no charge. I loved every second of the stress-relieving experience,” Tamara says.

After over a combined 73 years in the restaurant industry, 30 for Tamara and 43 years for her husband Daryl, the couple decided to use their experience and knowledge acquired to benefit them. Tamara chose to spend her last two years researching the business side of event planning and enrolled at Ashworth College in Memphis. She graduated on January 25th, 2017. She says, “it took one year and four months to make my dream a reality. I opened the business on May 18th, 2018, and we haven’t looked back.

Tamara is not only about what she can do for paying clients; she also has a sincere concern for her community. Many of the events held at Nyshari Bre Desire are held for local schools and church fundraisers. There are events held often to highlight and sponsor new, upcoming black business owners. Additionally, Tamara is committed to having a hand in empowering other women who look like her. “I’ve spent over 30 years teaching, coaching, and providing training for young women. I teach them about the importance of appearance, approach, self-help, and knowing their value and worth,” she says.

Nyshari Bre Desire has received at least a five-star rating over the past two years. “Beautiful venue, professional and kind owners, and thank you for creating a beautiful space to celebrate my Grandma’s 70th Birthday” are the expressions of appreciation that client Daphne Conley blessed Tamara and her team with.

As with any business, there will be some highs and lows for Nyshari Bre Desire Event Venue, which was also the case. They climbed to their highest peak in business before the Covid 19 pandemic. As the effects of the virus set it, many firms around the country had to close their doors. “City mandates and restrictions made it tough for most businesses to remain in operation. The impact of the Corona virus was unanticipated and overwhelming, but we survived. How? Because we work with what’s in front of us and pray about the rest,” Tamara shares.

Tamara has a genuine passion and love for people, and owning an event center gives her a unique opportunity to express this. “I love to experience the best time in everyone’s life; whether it be a birthday or a wedding, I am truly grateful for being entrusted with planning my clients’ special occasion,” she says. “Ninety-nine percent of our clients are not aware of the final look for their event. When they do see it, the looks on their faces, and often tears are involved, makes it all worth it.”

Tamara offers some advice to those who may be considering entering the event planning field. She shares her understanding of being accountable for every aspect of your business. “It’s your vision, your passion, your success. It’s all on you. Don’t expect anyone else to see and feel it the way you do. Do it on an empty stomach. The more hungry you are, the more likely you are to feed the need.”

To learn more or book Nyshari Bre Desire Event Venue, please visit their website.

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