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by Terry Watson | February 10th, 2011
Tamika Alston of Alston Cleaning Service

Tamika Alston of Alston Cleaning Service

Tamika Alston says the year was 1997 when she realized her true calling in life. A summons that instructed her to serve her community and help those in need. She then began working in the health care field as a Habilitation Technician.

Ten years later she began working in the personal care field, first with children and later transitioned to assist disabled and elderly adults. Unexpectedly, Alston found herself unemployed and began working with family member Almeta Alston, who had previously launched her very own personal care business, Alston Personal Care Services.

The idea of owning and operating a personal care business Alston says originated with her uncle Jerry. While attending North Carolina A &T State University as a nursing student, he was murdered. “He was the sort of person that never met a stranger and spent his entire life helping people,” Alston expresses. As a means of carrying on her uncles legacy, her second business venture Samaritans Heart Shelter operates with the same compassion he offered to others.

While under Almeta’s leadership she became ill. Tamika soon took ownership of the business after purchasing it with funds she amassed while working at the same company, along with selling some of her own possessions. In 2010, she took over the business as owner, office manager and patient care coordinator.

A native of Greensboro, Alston has a rock in her office called Ebenezer. She says, “it means God has brought me this far. This rock is a reminder of the trials and tribulations that were behind me. I look through the windshield of life and not the rear view mirrors. God reminds me that my work here is not done and I’m inspired daily to continue on and not go back.”
Client satisfaction is very important and essential to the success of Alston Personal Care Services. “We understand there are several personal care providers in our operating areas, but customer service is the dividing resource,” says Alston. Each day the staff of Alston Personal Care Services strive to provide excellent care and assistance to their clients and their families.
Alston Cleaning Service

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