Tamika Herkley

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Tamika Herkley

Tamika Herkley

Tamika Herkley of Cleveland, OH is a daughter, mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

Her journey in business began at the young age of 16, as she was first introduced into the world of retail. She shares how she loved playing in makeup, and also applying it to her friend’s faces before school dances. When she started modeling with local fashion shows, she would often do the makeup of the models who were participating as well. It was then Tamika realized she had a love for retail, customer service, and makeup, and everything it involved.

As her life began to happen, her interest in makeup would grow also. Tamika attended Esthetician School in 2004. Now today, she is the owner of Be Shiny! Face and Body. With her company, she offers facials, waxing, and makeup services on occasion. She also sells skincare products.

So, how did Be Shiny! Face and Body happen. “I started working at Mimi’s Hair Heaven and Spa in Cleveland Heights, Ohio in 2005. My boss, Teresa Saxton-McCurry was the owner and my mentor, and she taught me to have excellent salon customer service. She always said, “I can do this with you, but if I have to do this without you, I will.” What she meant was she wanted to work with a group of amazing people and provide excellent service, but if you don’t have it in you, she did and will. Fast forward ten years later, a close individual asked my husband if I would be a partner with her in a spa. I said no because although I was well trained, I had no desire to be a business owner. She asked again and I accepted the offer. She had her side of the business and I had mine. Two separate entities in one space was an awesome idea. I enjoyed working for myself and having events at our location was amazing,” she says.

If the truth is told, Tamika’s business almost didn’t happen. She shares, “My business partner just up and left one day. So, my husband and I had to pick up the pieces. There were plumbing issues that weren’t addressed. I decided to use the space for events, and I was still servicing my customers, however, because we had so much space and no events that were booked, we decided to close. I opened shop in a much smaller spot that I adored,” she says.

It’s because of the many challenges Tamika has faced, that her input is valued to anyone who may follow in her footsteps. “I tell anyone who is interested in starting a business to start small and do it affordably. Your customer service will be the main thing people remember. There will always be people that make it look pretty. You have to work within your scope of expertise. If you do decide to add something different, do your research first. It may be hard to find help and sometimes you have to do the work yourself. Oftentimes you may have to be the secretary, bookkeeper, trash collector, and supply person.”

To learn more about Tamika Herkley, call her directly.

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