Tammy Carpenter

by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Tammy Carpenter

Tammy Carpenter

God continues to exceed the expectations in the endeavors of Tammy Carpenter. Seeing the dreams that have been idle for years come to life is a direct result of God’s faithfulness to her as she moves beyond fear and obey Him at all costs.

An advocate of love and life, Tammy Carpenter of Greenville, South Carolina firmly believes that love covers a multitude of sin and that she must live an abundant life as God has promised. For over 20 years, Tammy has served in various capacities in ministries at her church and within he community. This includes a Youth/Young Adult Ministry, Women’s Ministry and Administration. She is a member of Changing Your Mind Ministries (CYMM) in Greenville, serving under the leadership of Pastor Wendell and Lady Nita Jones. “Pastor Wendell Jones has impacted my business the most. He constantly challenges us to ‘get our life’ and ‘do it scared’. I know that by my moving forward in my endeavors is a result of his leadership,” she says.

While she enjoys her career as a Software Consultant, Carpenter’s passion is to see young women prosper. She merged her passion for helping young adult women with lessons from her life and personal experiences and founded EnLife in 2013 which is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that focuses on building and impacting the lives of young adult women. EnLife offers programs and resources to help young women succeed through life transitions. Some of the programs offered to women by Enlife include a Mentoring Mixer, a College Life Care Program, Workshops, and outings.

The Mentoring Mixer is an annual speed mentoring event. Carpenter gather mentors from various backgrounds and industries, and allow the young ladies to spend a few minutes with them during timed sessions and ask them anything pertaining to their life or their career. The young ladies are able to gather a lot of wisdom nuggets in a little amount of time, meet many phenomenal and accomplished people and make some tremendous connections.

One of the workshop programs is called Fill My Cup. It is a life-changing open forum session where participants leave encouraged, enlightened, refreshed and renewed. The sessions are hosted the fourth Friday of the month and begin at 6:30 pm and last approximately two hours.

The College Life Program College is designed to assist young ladies who are enrolled in college full time. The program provides care packages that include gift cards items for female college students.

Carpenter is a published author and is also the founder of Effectual Concepts, a consulting firm that offers services for aspiring authors that desire to self-publish and personal development workshops for varying audiences. Tammy is a licensed Minister and serves on the Ministerial Staff at CYMM.

Effectual Concepts began in December 2016. “Though I had sat on the name and concept of the business for years, by self publishing my first book, Life Speaks sparked me to move forward,” she says. Carpenter also offers idea consultations and training services in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for individuals and small businesses. This includes document and book formatting services, and assisting with facilitation and obtaining speakers for workshops in various topics and industries.

Moving forward Carpenter hopes to expand her client base through Effectual Concepts and add additional consultants to her company. She also hopes to Increase participation for young ladies in Enlife. Be on the lookout for Carpenter because she is making moves and changing lives while doing so!

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