Tanya Davis

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Tanya Davis

Tanya Davis

Tanya Davis of Detroit, MI is a perfect example of how God’s grace and mercy works. It is impossible to understand her pains and pitfalls just by looking at her outward exterior. You would have to pierce quite a bit more and listen to her soul sing the praises of God and how He saved her from a life of despair and hopelessness.

Tanya is a mother, wife, grandmother, and friend to many. She is also a overcomer, motivator, faith walker, and mentor. Though what she is most proud of is her 28 years of being sober.

Tanya’s life took a dark turn while she lived dangerously on the streets of Detroit. She was a drug addict, plagued with drug use, prostitution, domestic violence, and homelessness. Her habits led to crime and eventually incarceration. Her life changed when she opened her eyes to God. She confesses that He met her in her jail cell and began to change her life, freeing her from addiction, crime and the binds of wickedness. Today, she is an entrepreneur, consultant, producer, professional hair stylist, writer, and is a witness to the love and redemption of God.

Though she isn’t an ordained minister, she does her share of ministry work. Lives have been saved through her testimony and she has shown many how to overcome obstacles merely by living as an example. “I often tell others that I know a man and He’s not from Detroit or Nashville – but He’s from Galilee,” she says. “I love to show others who are suffering with addiction how to succeed in recovery. When asked, “What’s next?”, her answer is always, “Wherever God leads me because I know it is His purpose.

Tanya has a long list of accomplishments. She is the 2006 Recipient of the Phenomenal Woman Distinguished Award and the 2009 Who’s Who Award. Additionally, she is founder of Ice Media Group, and publisher of Ice Magazine – a cross-cultural lifestyle magazine and Focus On This International Hair Magazine. She is also the owner of Salon ICE in Nashville, TN and directs From Crack to Christ Ministries. She is the Executive Producer of “I Just Got My Hair Did” talk show on 92Q cumulus station, and a National Spokesperson for Beauty Behind Bars.

Tanya is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through hair. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and her signature techniques in blending traditional methods as well as modern techniques especially when it comes to hair care. She has also served as a Glam Professional working with many celebrities during Stellar Awards of gospel music. She has helped to produce hair shows in Detroit, Dallas, and Chicago, with audiences of over 10,000 people. In 2010, at The Hutton, one of the most prestigious hotels in Nashville, TN she produced and created “Rip the Runway Awards,” a show highlighting Nashville’s best in the Hair and beauty Industry.

Tanya has also developed a passion for helping new and transitioning salons through her consulting business. Her experiences, vibrant personality and strong strength of faith has secured her for a wide range of projects and purposes. Presently she is the Founder of ABA American Beauty Awards, and Co-Founder of I Love To Battle Hair Competition.

Tanya credits her mother’s constant prayers for keeping her sane through everything she has faced. She also credits her mentor, Jacqueline Kelly, who has opened many salons and also has a commercial real estate firm in Nashville for providing her with insight and direction. Her number greatest supporters are her husband Kenneth, daughter, and granddaughter.

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