Tara Davis

by Terry Watson | September 16th, 2016
Tara Davis (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Tara Davis (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Tara Davis has an enthusiastic spirit and the faith the size of a mustard seed. She also has a contagious laughter and boldness to do good. These attractive qualities are complimented by her desire to give back to her community and willingness to serve.

A native of Asheboro, N.C., Davis attended the public school system there. After graduating from high school, she earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Phoenix in Charlotte, N.C. After spending many years in the educational field, she realized there was something more she wanted to do with her life. Today she is the CEO of One Care Inc., a company who caters to the needs of the elderly right at their very own home. “We truly understand the stress of hospitalization and the hassle of traveling just to acquire the care you deserve. That is why we have decided to bring our own brand of care at your doorstep,” says Davis.

Senior years are perhaps one of the most challenging periods in someone’s life. It is during these years that an individual can feel the limitations of their physical bodies; when it is the time to need the assistance of professionals on even the most everyday tasks. It is also the time where they will need the most emotional support to stay strong and keep moving forward in fulfilling their goals.

One Care Inc. wants to provide all around care for their clients; which is why they remain open-minded to new ideas, inventions and innovations in health care, so as to deliver a better, wider range of services which meets each and every single need of its clients. Their employees undergo classes and training to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends of home care services.

Their scope of services for hospital staffing includes ICU, telemetry, medical-surgery, pediatrics, NICU, ER and OR, labor and delivery, PACU, psychiatric, CPR classes and CNA/GNA training. For homecare services, they offer care of the elderly, mentally challenged and post-hospital discharges. Additionally there are services for private duty, (4-24 hours/live in and live out) from three days and up, IV therapy, enteral and parental nutrition, wound care, post-up surgical wound care, care for AIDS and debilitated patients at home, and teaching and instruction of equipment.

Davis says she was told that she would write her own destiny. As a former employee of a health care provider, she knew first hand of the ups and downs of the profession. “There was negativity all around me but it was up to me to decide which direction I would allow my life to go,” she says. “My father once told me that there would be no gain without pain, and to not give your foe another script to preach. My faith in God allowed me to persevere and become who I am today.”

More than anything, Davis says One Care Inc. profits her an opportunity to be a vessel of hope to the sick and shut in. By working alongside other qualified professionals, they are able to alleviate much of the burdens and concerns that families often deal with. “We are a family and quite often we find ourselves being an extension of family for the individuals we serve,” she says.

Moving forward, Davis says One Care Inc. will continue to serve and promote the services they provide. “We will strive to address the challenges of our clients. We will continue to advocate on better care from all parties involved within the system we operate to ensure that our clients are treated appropriately,” she says.

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