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by Terry Watson | May 19th, 2016
Kathleen Brown-Tate (Photos by Ty Coley Photography)

Kathleen Brown-Tate (Photos by Ty Coley Photography)

Kathleen Brown-Tate doesn’t know how to do anything small. The Seattle Washington native has been married for three years and is a and the second youngest of nine siblings, including eight girls and one boy. She is also the aunt of twenty-six nieces and nephews and proud mother of two wonderful children and one wonderful step-daughter.
She is a graduate of Hillside High School and has studied at Liberty University with a focus on Criminal Justice. Additionally, she is a Clean Room Technician Supervisor at a prominent pharmaceutical company. Still, she has found time to pursue a new interest and is aiming to take the travel agency industry by storm.

The traveling industry is a billion dollar pie that Tate was eager to get a slice of. Tate’s Travel launched in January of 2016. Initially, she was trying out something new that would provide her an additional income. “I wanted to bring more to the table for my family. I had a desire for financial freedom and by divine appointment, a phenomenal woman, Andrea Williams invited me to get involved into the traveling business. I gladly accepted and Tate’s travel became my new baby,” she says.

Tate’s Travel offers a wide variety of services based on an individuals desire. They offer little getaways to extreme vacations, including cruises, hotels, flights, and rental cars. Packages can be produced based on the client’s must haves for vacation. They work side by side with their clients to make their experience unforgettable by finding the most economical package while paying close attention to their wants. There is even an opportunity for someone who may be interested to become a certified travel agent through Tate’s Travel.

Tate says her ideal getaway is to be on a beach with white sand. “I can picture clear blue waters and a cool breeze. No noise, just the sound of waves crashing at my feet. I also envision a cold beverage in my hand and taking a deep breath, thinking ‘this is the life’. This is the type of vacation I strive to make a reality for my client,” she says.

Tate says she really enjoys the opportunities that Tate’s Travel provides her. She constantly gets to meet new people that are interested in learning more about the business aspect. She also has the pleasure of helping individuals book their vacation of a lifetime. “I find joy in knowing that I am bringing more income to my family and helping someone live out many of their dreams,”she says.

Like everything else, Tate says there are always pros and cons with her business venture. The most common obstacle for her is getting familiar with her clients and determining a ideal package that will suit their time and budget. Another challenge is finding inventive ways to introduce and inform the world about Tate’s Travel. She also has to deal with rejection, something that all businesses face, especially in a sales oriented business such a travel. “I sell travel and I recruit new people to open their own travel business. Sometimes I may come across those who are nervous and fearful about opening their own business, and many decline. I was also afraid but I have become what I want them to be also, and that is a business owner,” she says.

Tate is a devout woman of faith and uninhibitedly speaks about the impact that God has on her life and career. “I strive to be the best mother to my kids and the best wife to my husband. I also strive to be the best person I can be to others and the best Travel Agent to my clients. After all, they are the heartbeat of my company,” she says. “Their satisfaction in my professionalism, attitude and timely response impacts my company”.

Tate says she is inspired by her parents Kathleen and Ronald Brown. When she was younger, Tate says she told her mother she wanted to be like her. Her parents have owned two successful businesses and it was only natural that she would also become an entrepreneur as well. Tate says her mother responded, “Don’t be like me, strive to be better than me”. With those words she hit the ground running. Additionally, there more entrepreneurs surrounding her. She has two uncles who are music producers and a father in-law who owns a thriving T-shirt business.

Anyone that may be interested in traveling in the near future, Tate encourages them to contact her and allow Tate’s Travel to help create the vacation of a lifetime. “Don’t think that it is out of reach based on price. See what I can do for you, your friends and family and know that I can lift the burden of planning and booking the perfect vacation,” she says.

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