Tawana Rowland

by Terry Watson | May 15th, 2019
Tawana Rowland (Photos by JLG Creative Photography)

Tawana Rowland (Photos by JLG Creative Photography)

Tawana Rowland is a true testament to the something beautiful. She is also a great example of what someone’s life can become once it is given to Christ. She is young, ambitious, and vivacious, and has a genuine heart to serve others.

Though she may wear many hats, she shares that it’s a pleasure to serve her community. The Greensboro, North Carolina native is a youth leader at her church, Kingdom Minded Deliverance in Greensboro and has a passion to be an example to future generations. Tawana serves as a mentor and community activist. Her primary focus is to provide mentorship and opportunities to underprivileged families and children. She is a parent advocate for Guilford Child Development and sits on the Policy Council committee, as well as the Policy Council representative and chairperson for the parent committee at Poplar Grove Child Development. She was nominated to serve on the North Carolina Head Start Association Board by Guilford Child Development.

Tawana has also founded TSR Kids, a 501c3 based nonprofit organization that offers consultations to others who are thinking about starting a nonprofit organization. “I am committed to helping others build strong, successful nonprofit organizations. There is a need in our communities, and I believe the only way to reach the masses is by working together. It definitely takes a village,” she says. TSR Kids also provides a variety of workshops for young entrepreneurs, as well scholarships. There is also a mentor program, Pink Pearls that is designed to help children identify their talents and gifts, and build confident, strong minded young leaders.

TSR Kids was birthed from a vision Tawana experienced. She didn’t know what a nonprofit organization was initially. “I would invite friends, family and the community out to Warnersville Recreation Center on Sundays. I called the occasion ‘Funday Sunday’. We would bring board games, water bottles, popsicles, blankets, frisbees, and whatever else I could think of to interact with the kids. After three months, I started noticing the talents of many of the kids who were coming to the event. They had the gifts but were not using them. It hurt me to see that and so I started working with them on the weekends, teaching them about confidence and leadership. I would have them walk up to look at themselves in the mirror and speak with confidence. Onlookers asked if we were a nonprofit organization. I didn’t know but decided to find out what it was,” she shared.

Tawana finds inspiration in her daughter Dominique and says her life reflects everything she wanted to experience for herself when she was a child. “I have five sisters and three brothers. Out of the nine of us, including our children, Dominique is the first to go to college. My other Inspiration are the kids. They are my why. Anytime I felt like giving up or thought this journey of believing in my vision was impossible, the doubt turned into motivation when I thought about them,” she shares.

When she looks for someone to credit for the success of TSR Kids, Tawana can only think of one person. “It has never been about me. I give God all of the glory for the program. Giving my life to God was the best thing I could have done for myself. He has given me purpose and a vision. I learned there was a purpose for my pain. I had to have the rough childhood so I could understand how to help others like me. I remember moving around a lot as a kid. My mom was single with nine kids, all one year apart and she did the best she could. I thank God for her. My Godmother, Victoria impacted my life by stepping in and helping my mom take care of me for most of my child hood. When I got to high school, I accomplished the feat of most valuable player for Indoor/Outdoor Track, and Cross Country Track. If there had been a program like TSR Kids in place to help me while growing up, maybe the outcome would have been different. But I’m not complaining because I know that was a necessary part of the process to birth my vision and for help kids just like me,” she says.

In the future, Tawana hopes to collaborate with other programs who have a similar focus. In the meantime, she will be thinking of new and effective ways to help the youth in her community.

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