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by Terry Watson | November 11th, 2011
Mia and Anthony Taylor, Sr.

Mia and Anthony Taylor, Sr. (Photo by Howard Gaither)

T & C Management has discovered the key to developing, operating and growing a successful business. Their recipe called for a group of comprehensive, passionate team members, a novel yet in-demand idea, and the ability to capitalize and meet the need of a hungry market.

The comprehensive executive team members include husband and wife duos, as well as Chandra and Donevan Cherry. The business partners initially began working together when the Taylors had the idea to purchase a franchise, specifically the Colbert/Ball Tax Service. Since the couples were friends, the Cherry’s thought it only seemed appropriate and additionally a savvy business idea to pool their resources together and help out. Once the tax service was up and running the budding entrepreneurs were presented with a dilemma. They were having a difficult time finding a local, competent business to conduct the strategic gorilla marketing they needed to ensure the public knew about the company and at the same time provide detailed analysis and data about their potential customers.

Rather than settle for what services were available, the business team chose to entirely circumvent the system and develop their own direct marketing company, DTM (Direct To Market). Still, they encountered problems finding solutions to their various other business needs. Again, the Taylors and Cherrys decided to fill the void themselves. The partners quickly began to realize they each had the potential, talents and educational background to meet the need of the services they sought as well as offer them to other business owners. The development of DTM eventually lead to Clear Mind Technical Solutions, an information technology company.

Each business entity is directed by one team member. It only seemed a natural fit and good business sense for Mia Taylor, who has an extensive background in accounting in bookkeeping, to remain at the helm of the tax service. DTM is under the direction of Anthony Taylor, Sr. Formally involved in project management, Anthony’s focus and attention to details equipped him to spearhead the marketing entity. At the same time the Cherry’s had the abilities and the experience to complete the puzzle. The media, advertising, and publishing industry had been Donevan Cherry’s forte; therefore he simply turned his focus toward growing and expanding CherVeli Media. Likewise Chandra Cherry, an engineer, knew she could fulfill the position needed to operate Clear Mind Technical Solutions.

On January 5, 2010, T&C Management, named after the Taylor and Cherry surnames, was officially launched. The conglomerate of businesses, Colbert/Ball Tax Services, DTM, CherVeli Media and Clear Mind Technical Solutions provides business consulting and solutions to small businesses. Each service is housed under the T&C Management umbrella and is completely owned and operated by the Taylors and Cherrys. No service is outsourced.

“T&C Management is comparable to Darden, the parent company under which you will find such recognizable names as Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse,” says Donevan. The only difference is that T&C Management is not relegated to providing services solely within one industry. On the contrary, the company is able to meet the needs of various businesses within various industries. After all, every business will at some point require tax and accounting direction, marketing strategies, a media presence and ultimately, for those companies desiring to compete in a global society, IT services. From barbers, beauticians, landscapers, local shop and store owners to non-profits, doctors and lawyers, T&C Management has a solution to every business need.

“Most people get into business to make money,” says Chandra. “They have a certain skill they are good at, but they are not necessarily good at the marketing or the IT or the media, even though those services are most important. We are simply taking those pieces that are imperative to success and offering solutions through a one-stop shop.”

The company begins each consultation by first conducting a business analysis or audit. “We find out what the company needs and what it doesn’t. It is our job to build upon their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Whatever the company needs, we custom-build a solution,” she says.

Although each business can stand alone, once T&C begins working with a company each business solution is at the companies disposal to utilize or not. Through significant research and experience, the Cherry’s and Taylor’s have found that most small business owners, especially African American entrepreneurs could greatly benefit from T&C’s services, yet they are the very ones who do not see the worth or importance. They want local business owners to realize as entrepreneurs, they’re just as worthy of T&C’s innovative ideas and assistance as the doctors and lawyers who currently utilize their services.

“People are unaware of what they don’t know until somebody asks you the right questions,” says Donevan. For example, a shopowner may not be interested in IT services or marketing plans. However marketing analysis can that utilizing a marketing plan that targets relevant and area events, such as homecomings, graduations, or concerts will help to gain more market share. Even so, Donevan says, “Often, if small businesses try to focus on all the other aspects they end up working ‘in’ the business so much, they don’t have time to work ‘on’ their business.”

The Taylors and Cherry’s are completely focused on each entity and the entire company as a whole. However, during this time of year they apply more attention on their tax services. Why not? It’s the time to gear up for tax season. Marketing materials are ready to saturate the market. Best invested time will be placed on marketing the newly acquired facililty located in the Crumely Roberts building.
Sincere thought and effort goes into everything T&C does. They understand businesses are about making money yet they also believe entrepreneurship is about ownership and leaving a legacy. Donevan Cherry says he has always been most inspired by the men in his family, who have always owned businesses.

“For lasting success you have to be an owner of something. That’s the way America is set-up,” he says. “Creating jobs for members of the community enables you to multiply yourself. Wealthy people do things differently and they think differently. They dont have to wear their networth on their back or drive it around town.”

The Taylors and Cherry’s invest into the few employees and interns they do have. They teach entrepreneurship and encourage them to learn and do the same things they’ve done to become owners. People no longer have the option of graduating from high school or college, work for a company for 30 years, and then retire. Smart ones, they say, get in and learn the business, then go out and start their own.

Faith in God and the mentality of helping others to obtain dreams and goals is what they believe to be responsible for T&C Management’s success. It’s all about knowing and having a sense of your purpose, Chandra says; and sometimes being the last man standing is how you discover your purpose. Operating through their purpose has even provided them the opportunity to educate the community. Through seminars, classes and general public outreach they have experienced the joy of seeing others catch onto the vision of self-empowerment and sustenance.

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