Terence Doctor

David Hemdricks | March 22nd, 2021
Terence Doctor

Terence Doctor

They say that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Terence Doctor provides Hopewell, VA with a much-needed leader in the African American community to lead its village.

Terence was born in Queens, New York and spent the first four – five years of his life there before relocating to Richmond, Virginia, where he currently still resides. In Richmond, Terence is known for his devoted community involvement and concern for the betterment of people, specifically African Americans.

After graduating from Hopewell High School in 2004, Terence went onto to attend Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC before transferring to Virginia State University. After a few semesters at VSU, he decided to take some time off from school. “I needed a break and wanted to give myself an opportunity clearly think my next step in life,” he says. He recently re-enrolled in school at Liberty University.

Terence has faced his share of challenges. He grew up in a single-parent household with his mother, as an only child in Hopewell. This was in a neighborhood where hearing police sirens and gunshots were an accepted part of the landscape. “It was normal in my neighborhood which was also filled with talents and gifts, but had limited resources and little encouragement for the youth,” Terence said. He knew as a child that he wanted more out of life, and he also wanted to give back to his community when offered the chance.

Terence’s book, “Please Give Me A Dollar” is essentially the journal of his life, made public. It is an inspirational and motivational book of nuggets or what he calls “life lessons” that he’s learned with the purpose to inspire others to find their happiness and purpose. He says his inspiration for writing the book was rooted in his passion to inspire others to go after their dreams and happiness.

Terence also leads a non-profit organization called Blueprint to Manhood, which is geared for young men ages 7-17. It focuses on uplifting, mentorship, and guiding young men into their journey of manhood. He created Blueprint to Manhood due to a lack of programs and events for young men within his communities, outside of sports.

He has also published another book, Please Give Me A Dollar, which focuses on mankinds obsession with money. “The concept of using “dollar” was speaking from the viewpoint of searching for self and happiness and compared it to a form of currency. In other words, one’s happiness or “dollar” may appear insignificant to others but has the most worth in their life. I do not want or desire what others have, I want my happiness or “dollar”.”

Terence’s goal was to always to be active in the community rather than to be a leader. “We are obligated to be active in the community in someone or another. As Brother Malcolm X once said, ‘So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise’. Me being active in my community is my ‘noise’ and paying homage to those before me, to carry on and push towards equality,” Terence said.

According to Terence, the importance of Self-Love is the most important life lesson. “When you understand and know who you are, there is no limit to where you can go.”

Terence’s inspiration is God, his wife Joni, his children Cameron and Peyton Zora, his hometown of Hopewell, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. He is also inspired by young, optmisitic people who are looking to better themselves and their environments. He also considers his family to be his biggest accomplishment. Becoming an author, founder of a non-profit, and enrolling back into college, are some as well. “They’re all big accomplishments because growing up I didn’t feel that they were achievable goals,” he says.

Terence is prouder of “Blueprint to Manhood” than “Please Give Me A Dollar because he values seeing young men growing more positive in our communities is better than anything he’s done individually. He loves the community aspect of his nonprofit organization.

Terence’s advice to young people would be “Accept accountability for your actions, adjust and live your life for the better. Things may be rough right now but continue to stay the course and believe in you! Tap into your greatness. Be great in all you do, for the world is yours,” he says.

In the near future, Terence and his wife will be expecting their new baby girl in May 2021. He is also looking to complete his degree and another book will be published in the near future as well.

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