Teri Palmer

Teyah Glenn | May 21st, 2021
Teri Palmer (Photos by Emmanuel Brown)

Teri Palmer (Photos by Emmanuel Brown)

Teri Palmer-Stanback is the proud owner of Granny’s Gleam. The driving force behind this business venture was after her late grandmother, Mrs. Addie Palmer. Teri’s business began after one of her friends said that they needed to have more than one stream of income and become the bosses that they know they can be. Teri ordered a candle making kit and started playing with names as well as different ideas to show how her grandmother impacted her everyday life, even in her death. Granny’s Gleam was founded on July 6, 2020, which is coincidentally the date of her late Grandfather’s birthday.

Teri was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is the middle daughter, something she and her grandmother shared. Teri is the mother of two wonderful children, 24 and 16, and has been blessed with two granddaughters, four and one. Teri lives her life like an open book, hoping that someone can learn something from the many mistakes that she has made. She also prides herself on treating people how she wants to be treated and never intentionally hurts anyone’s feelings.

Being an entrepreneur allows Teri the opportunity to express herself in a way that she wants to represent it. From creating what she wants people to see, she narrates her own story and business how she wants the story to be told. She also knows that she has the ability to refuse to do something that she doesn’t believe in. Her business has also brought forth that inner drive to push herself and not quit. Teri says that the fear of failure is there every day and that also pushes her to create more awesome products for everyone that she has been fortunate enough to serve.

“I don’t look at this as a job, I get to have fun every day, creating things I truly enjoy and have a sincere connection to my grandmother,” Teri shares.

Teri’s goals for the future are to be able to show people that there are positive ways to grieve the loss of loved ones. She wants to teach her babies that it is okay to do things outside of the box, especially if it is something that they’re passionate about because there will always be a way to make it work. She also wants the business to grow and morph into whatever it is destined to be while keeping the same purpose of spreading her granny’s light (gleam) around the world. Eventually, she wants people to be able to come to her store and pick their desired candle scent and design that is created for them.

Teri is also currently working towards earning her master’s degree in Counseling and hopes to finish soon.

Teri says that she is inspired by seeing people happy as well as learning along the way. She is always fascinated by new things and learning how things work. “I am the simplest person and genuinely enjoy “common sense” type of things.”

Some advice that Teri would give other entrepreneurs would be to remember that you are your biggest critic. When things get rough, step back and think about why you started the business to begin with. It is okay to start over and recreate your business and your brand. Teri also adds that what is meant for you, will be for you. Do not worry about other similar businesses your business will grow when it is supposed to.

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