Teshira Perkins: I’m An Artist. I’m Different

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2019
Teshira Perkins

Teshira Perkins

Teshira Perkins describes herself as an artistic, open minded, knowledge seeking individual, with some room for growth. She is also kind, goofy, and has a great sense of humor.

Originally from Chicago Illinois, the current Memphis Tennessee resident is always seeking challenges because according to her, they help her grow as a person.
Teshira says that when she entered high school, she was a bit shy and nervous. She had trouble understanding and focusing on the lessons, so her mom decided to place her in a classroom setting with a more focused environment. From that moment she worked hard and stayed on pace with the other students. She shares, “I realized I was smart and blessed. I was also wise beyond my years and saw the world differently.” It was during those moments that Teshira realized her gifts as an artist.

Her gifts in regard to art encompass visual arts, singing, culinary, writing, and creativity. She states that anyone who knows her, also knows that she can talk about everything.

After high school, life began to move along for her. She got pregnant during her second year of college. After giving birth to her son Avery, she had to find a way to support him. “I used my love for food to connect me with a job as a cake decorator at Sam’s Club. I stopped going to a four-year college and enrolled in culinary school.

In the beginning, Teshira struggled with being a mother. She shares the loss of her father while she was only four years old, impacted her life tremendously. “I didn’t really know what stress was, but I can remember my mom telling me not to stress over her responsibilities when I was a child. I got connected with Tom Shadyac, one of my professors in college. He taught a film class about life lessons. These experiences impacted me as well and helped to point me in the right direction as a person and mother,” she says.

Now as a single mother, her focus is on working to provide a better future for herself and her child. She plans to continue on honing her creative skills and inspire others. She also hopes to return back to college and obtain her four-year degree in art and mass communications.

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