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by Terry Watson | July 15th, 2013
Terry Watson – Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

On June 15th, 2013, we conducted the 2nd Annual Huami Magazine Community Cookout at Festival Park in downtown Greensboro. This year seemed to go a lot smoother than the one last year. I accredit this success to the many individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses who donated their time and resources, all for a good cause. I would like to thank all of you for helping Huami Magazine pull of such a great event.
Let me begin with Tonya Funderburk who took charge of the food preparation and distribution segment of the event. With her planning and assistance we were able to feed nearly 1800 people. The team that she assembled (which consisted of her friends) ensured that the food was ready and in order. Her order and efficiency is an accurate representation of who she is.

Shayla Thompson and James “DJ Big Boi” Johnson helped to ensure that the music and entertainment was on time and on point. Together, they worked from start to finish with each performer and kept the party moving along. Without them, I can only imagine how things would have been.

Another individual who also provided his time and resources, but was not in attendance was Donzelle Owens. He helped me develop a relationship with Peytons Promise from Charlotte. Their contributions and involvement brought a different twist to this years event and I look forward to working with them both in the future. Donzell, thanks so much for the donations and delivery of everything.

Reggie McGee went above and beyond of what was asked of him. He showed up early and was one last individuals to leave. He took charge of the setup and breakdown, gathered trash and kept the grounds clean. He also assisted vendors with their needs and was my right hand man on that day. I really appreciate him for all that he did.

I truly appreciated Tonya Dixon for filling in where ever I needed her. She was able to assist our vendors and sponsors, and also serve food and do whatever it took and was asked of her. I thank you and appreciate you.

I thank Robert Joyner, Jamonica Withers, Park West Barber College, The Cove Boutique, Imani Fatiha, Kenyatta Johnson, Donevan Cherry, Johnny Alston, Eric Jones, Dave Pittman, Tonya Dixon, Joshia Coltrane, Sheanna Bonner, Busta Brown, Trevor Bethel, Alana Allen, Ayanna-Kai Cross, Tony Watson, Albany Jones, Lindsay Watson, Dacyn England, Triad Continental, and all of the sponsors and volunteers who helped make the event possible.

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