Thanking God For Grace and Eight

by Terry Watson | November 17th, 2015
Terry Watson, Editorial

Terry Watson, Editorial

Oh how time flies when you’re having fun! Looking back to the day of which the very first edition of Huami Magazine was released, I am overwhelmed at just how good that God has been to this publication. There have been struggles and times when I didn’t think it would happen, but still the show went on. Most couldn’t and still can’t pronounce (who am I) correctly. Where would Huami Magazine be without Gods grace?

Each and every edition to date has been equally special. I recall the very first person who decided to advertise. We were a new publication without any history or proven effectiveness, yet they believed in what God had placed upon me. Little did they know that by supporting and believing in me, it also encouraged me to take this awesome opportunity more seriously. Even as I tried to down play Huami Magazine’s significance, there has always been someone to validate its purpose, and mine as well.

Publishing Huami Magazine has taught me to never take the blessings of God lightly. I started with a point and shoot camera and didn’t have any formal training or education about publishing. Still God placed the right people in my path to sustain what He has ordained. I have made many mistakes but Huami Magazine’s purpose has outlived them all. That’s grace.

I’ve been fortunate to meet individuals throughout the state of North Carolina from Raleigh to Charlotte. Huami Magazine is actually available in eight cities, and this month we celebrate eight years of being the voice of our community. This could not be possible without every photographer, writer, editor, advisor, advertiser and reader. Huami Magazine represents what life can be if you ask God to place you in a place that will optimize your gifts and talents to glorify Him. I give everyone a big thank you as we strive to take Huami Magazine to even higher heights for the next eight years and beyond.

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