That Turn In The Road

by Terry Watson | November 4th, 2010
Terry Watson

Terry Watson - Editor

Where did yesterday go? All the thinking, dreaming and planning have come to fruition; 12 issues and counting! Huami Magazine is everywhere…well, not quite everywhere…yet! When I reminisce it is difficult to believe it all started with a dream. Often I am asked why I chose to publish a magazine. Honestly, I believe this magazine chose me.

I have never considered myself to be a literary genius. However, when necessary I have picked up a pen and delivered. The term artist should never be listed on my resume’ but I have acquired the art of graphic design. I do consider myself a visionary. I have a clear idea of what I want to do; I work my plan until my goals are accomplished. I have also realized that no one can tell the stories of African Americans in my community quite like Huami Magazine does.

From the outside looking in our dreams may seem impossible. Our minds have a tendency to make tasks seem larger than they really are; more than we can handle. Consequently, we block the lessons we were destined to learn and delay our rewards. In addition, when we find ourselves in the throes of success; we should allow ourselves the privilege of looking back over the path we took to get there. The journey is what makes the destination so sweet. Reminiscing gives us the opportunity to evaluate the time and energy we wasted buried in procrastination and fear but also to relish all of the obstacles we overcame and the victories we won.

Volume II of Huami Magazine has arrived. Our focus is to be better than ever! With three different issues dedicated specifically to the Charlotte-Metro, Raleigh-Triangle and Piedmont-Triad areas, Huami will continue to showcase African American owned businesses and be a platform for them to market their goods and services. Although recognizing the accomplishments and achievements of African Americans in our community remains our priority, we also want to impact the community we serve by providing information that will encourage and inspire.

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