The African American Leadership Academy

Danny Purcell | March 12th, 2016

0T6A0180_21_600The African American Male Leadership Academy seeks to provide a program that may effectively serve African American Males. Effective mentoring, character development and leadership are relevant tools to contribute positive outcomes. We have organized this information around core principles relevant to the design and implementation of mentoring initiatives for African American Males. Proven statistics have revealed that youth participating in mentor programs do better as the following results: they are less likely to affiliate themselves in gangs, they stay in school and attain high levels of education, morals are developed that create responsibility, accountability and durability, they are less likely to be involved in substance abuse as well as less likely to be involved in the delinquency and juvenile justice system.

The African American Male Leadership Academy is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide methods that would effectively serve African American Males. This entity is a weekend intervention that would inspire mentorship, character development, leadership as well as academic assistance and preparation for high school and college. This program offers a long-term mentorship program for students who have been characterized as “highly at risk”.

This program also offers a range of mentoring options, including one on one and group mentoring efforts. In addition, The African American Male Leadership Academy is a gender-specific initiative focusing on respecting oneself, ones family and ones community with a goal to prevent substance abuse, crime, gangs and school violence.

The African American Male Leadership Academy ensures to all parents and candidates that mentoring makes sense. It is a strength based approach that directs African American Males in the direction of a positive future. It is critical that The African American Male Leadership Academy would create ways to make programs available on a larger scale.

The African American Male Leadership Academy is built upon perspectives that were demonstrated by honorable men who left a strong legacy of integrity, perseverance and self discipline! The Honorable Frederick Douglas stated “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.

Connecting With The Right Mentor
We do not provide mentors because African American Males are lacking positive adult role models. Instead we provide mentors to enable them to successfully make the transition into adulthood in hopes they will become law abiding citizens connected to meaningful work while maintaining healthy relationships.

Why Trust Is Important
Very often mentoring programs attempt to match mentors to youth based on interest or common characteristics. Statistics have proven that there must first be a bridge of trust before a relationship can be established. We desire to gain the trust of the male so that what’s being taught can result in a positive outcome.

A Sense of Belonging
When a sense of belonging is felt within African American Males, the results are a continuation of participation. It is our goal to encourage a continual relationship with youth and AAMLA with hopes of impacting generations to come thereafter. This starts with a sense of belonging.

The Balancing Act
One of the major goals to keeping one’s balance, is to know when it is lost. When balance is no longer an option, disrespect of oneself, bad choice’s and wrongful influence will soon take place. We inspire ways to encourage African American Males to seek balance in their life.

We seek for African American Males to understand values in their lives. We encourage them to implement their thoughts and actions based on positive values. When values are primal in one’s life, then integrity is visibly demonstrated.

Trauma Experiences & Violence
Statistics have proven that African American Males who were raised in environments where violence and trauma experiences were prevalent,there is a delay in achieving milestone accomplishments. The AAMLA seek to build skills in youth by structured activity that promote healing and growth.

The AAMLA Scholarship Fund
The AAMLA demonstrate ways to promote and reward African American Males who are affected by programs sponsored by The African American Male Leadership Academy.

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