The Artist Bloc

by Terry Watson | January 9th, 2015

Artist Bloc PicThe Artist Bloc, LLC was inspired by a visual artist who had an “artist block.” An artist block is the time period in which an artist’s creativity is stifled and it becomes difficult to create new ideas. The term “artist block” came from the concept “writer’s block.” The standard definition for “bloc” means “meeting of the minds,” which is the basis in which our establishment was founded and essentially our mission statement.

In addition to The Artist Bloc operating as a service-based art supply store, it is a coffee and wine bar, fine arts venue, and a networking space “where creative minds meet.” We strive to give the community quality local products. From our gourmet deli sandwiches, chili’s and soups to our array of local talent we have been creating quite a buzz in the Triad area.

The Artist Bloc’s vision is not just to be an art supply store, but also a space where people can share their intellectual, cultural, political and social beliefs. We hope to use and maintain this space as one in which the local community can come together to learn and participate in the various genres of art, while empowering local artist. We host and rent our venue for several multi-cultural events such as dance, music, poetry, performance art while functioning as an artistic home for self-producing artist. The Artist Bloc is at the forefront of an exciting and growing arts movement. Owned and operated exclusively by artists, it is the only art supply store in the city that offers education and hands-on opportunities in an array of art mediums.

Currently, every Wednesday from 6-8pm, we offer a wine special to accompany our weekly “Paint N Sipp” event, where the public can bring their family and friends to create unique designs sketched by our Professional Artist and Instructor, while sipping wine. Every other Saturday, we offer Art Education courses for children and teenagers from 11:30am – 1:30 pm, where young adults study the “art of observation”. During our upcoming year we will be hosting monthly showcases of local bands, art exhibits, and expanding our art education classes to include courses for adults and senior citizens.

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