The Biting Spiders’ New Diet

Farrah Mitchell | January 17th, 2017
Farrah Mitchell

Farrah Mitchell

The Biting Spiders’ New Diet, is a children’s book about a timid, black widow spider named Wendy who sets out to save fellow spiders from extinction by persuading them to change their DIETS. She must also find a way to rescue her captive parents who are being held in an exhibit by their local zoo’s Entomologist.

Pleading with them to change their diets of human blood to a diet of healthy fruits and vegetables, is not an easy task. So, Wendy seeks the aid of comrades who see the benefit of the change earlier than the others do. Eventually a break-through emerges, and Wendy’s efforts pay off. She emerges as a “hero”, her parents get rescued, and her fellow spiders find that “veggies’ aren’t so bad after all.

This book is rich-texted with attractive illustrations. The entomology theme that permeates throughout the book will certainly captivate 5-8 year old “arachnid” lovers.

Farrah Mitchell is the author of several children’s books. In addition she holds a Masters degree in Education Administration, and pursuing a degree in Entomology. In 2014, she formally owned and operated a childcare center. Her mother was a elementary school teacher, passing on her love of learning has inspired Farrah to incorporate many science elements into her stories.

Ms. Mitchell makes her home in Charlotte, NC. She enjoys reading traveling and networking with business minded individuals.

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