The Bow Tie Guy of Charlotte

by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2014
Fard Morales

Fard Morales (Photo by Fard Morales)

Fard Morales is a native of Brooklyn, New York but is making his mark in the fashion world in Charlotte, N.C. He was raised by five older brothers and two older sisters. He graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro with a bachelors degree in marketing. He describes himself as a young black man trying to change the world through the youth and through the presentation and representation of the male figure.

Fard owns Soo True Bows, a bow tie and apparel company that provides customers with one of one custom bowties. All bow ties are hand made by him with significant buttons and abstract designs. “Each customer gets a masterpiece that only they will own,” he says. Now in its second year of existence, Morales started his business in his college apartment. Over those two years he has sold his masterful creations to nearly 60 individuals. His ties are suitable for weddings, annual events and more. Tie collectors placed all across America have even purchased from Morales.

“I started my business to create an example of how well put a male presentation should be. The smallest detail can bring confidence and strength to a man. I use these ties as a symbol of strength , uniqueness, and gentleman attire. The more we present ourselves the proper way the easier it will be to develop kings and young men growing up the correct way.” he says. “Seeing young men want to be well dressed and tailored and speak with confidence motivates me to continue on my journey.”

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