The Greensboro Trojans

by Terry Watson | February 20th, 2018
The Greensboro Trojans

The Greensboro Trojans

The Greensboro Trojans are a competitive All-Star Stomp-N-Shake Cheerleading Squad representing the city of Greensboro. All of its athletes attend different high schools but come together for one single purpose; to compete collectively, raise awareness, and support the unique and creative style of cheerleading called Stomp-N-Shake.

The Greensboro Trojans offer instruction in the foundation and basics of Stomp-N-Shake. This includes voice training, motion technique, dance/choreography, personalized cheerleading camps, stunting, and tumbling. In addition, they offer registration for the junior division ages 9-13, as well as Camp Revamp for young men who wish to cheer in high school or college. The camp teaches them the much sought-after technique that colleges and universities look for in male athletes, including basic partner stunting.

They are also a non-discriminatory program that accepts any athlete who would like to experience the excitement that accompanies the Stomp-N-Shake genre. Experience is not necessary; however, the athlete must possess the ability to be taught and conformed into Trojan standards.

Founder and coach, Troy Gray started the program in June 2017. “The vision of my program is to allow any athlete who may attend a school with a more traditional style of cheerleading, the opportunity to compete in the Stomp-N-Shake genre. The program is a college preparatory program in which my athletes learn about time value, community service, the importance of academic excellence, and personal development,” he says.

Troy is extremely passionate about cheerleading. After several failed attempts to coach his own squad via an educational institution, he decided to venture out and do his own thing. He is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University and a forever member of the Powerhouse of Red and White, the “original” Cheer-Phi Squad. He cheered three years serving as co-captain in his second year, and captain in his third year. He is a 2002 graduate of Ben L. Smith High School. He later joined the United States Marine Corps and instructed Marine Corp wives in several dance classes. He was named assistant coach/choreographer for the Jacksonville Raiderettes Semi Professional Cheer Team. He has also assisted schools and many varsity, junior varsity and recreational teams with choreography for competitions, vigorous cheerleading camps, and physical fitness.

This season has been jammed packed with opportunities and accomplishments for the Trojans. They entered their first competition in December 2017 and placed first in the dance division, second in their primary division, and third place in the solo division. Additionally, the Trojans made a splash on the scene, performing for various events around the area including the WSSU Cheer Explosion. They also donated canned goods to the Sleep Out for Homeless sponsored by the Delta Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and participated in the WSSU Powerhouse Block Party Experience. They have also performed at the UNC-Charlotte Spirit Nation’s Spirit Extravaganza, the WSSU RAM MADNESS, and the WSSU Basketball Game against Bowie State. Some upcoming events the Trojans will be performing at are the Four Seasons Town Centre Amphitheater, the UNC-G Women’s Basketball game, and a community fund-raising basketball event in Winston-Salem in March.

The Trojans are tentatively competing in five competitions within the next few months. Schedules will be updated in the upcoming events section on their website. They have scheduled a few community service events around the city of Greensboro, which include street clean-up, feeding the homeless, and visiting the local nursing homes.

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