The Healing Flows with Ambi Shantay

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Ambi Shantay and family

Ambi Shantay and family

Who is Ambi Shantay?
Ambi Shantay is my brand but I also wear a lot of hats. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, minister, a visionary-and with all those hats, I have to be somebody different in each role. I am the person you want to call on the phone and ask for advice, but you’re not really sure that you are ready to receive what that person has to say. I can love on you and give you the words you need to hear; but at the same time, I am that person that’s going to hold you accountable and allow you to really look inside yourself and pull out those things that you desired to keep hidden. I’m everybody’s sister.

What is your testimony?
I am ecstatic to be celebrating 5 years in ministry this year ! Not only am I celebrating 5 years in ministry, but I am doing what I love to do. What better way to celebrate than with the release of my brand new book! God has called me to tend to the hearts of my sisters, and it’s not a task that I take lightly. I am also grateful for the leadership of my shepherd Jason Scales and Lady Barbara, pastors of Believers Faith Fellowship, who allows me to freely walk in my calling and encourages us to define our destiny and walk in our purpose. I can finally say that I am doing just that, and it is a great feeling. The process is not always easy and we don’t always understand it, but it’s definitely worth the struggle. A lot of people won’t see what has been planted inside of you. It’s not for them to see. Stay the course! Don’t give up.

What do you love about writing?
I have always loved writing, yet I’ve always pursued it as a hobby. Whether it was just journaling or writing devotionals and sharing them when I minister, I never took it further. I considered journalism when I went to college, but I ended up pursuing a degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication because my passion for speaking was greater. I never had a desire to actually be an author; which is so ironic. My first book “Healing Flows”, I consider an assignment directly from the Lord, so of course I had to be obedient. I had recently given birth to my first child and I was suffering from post-partum depression. I didn’t know how to express my emotions. There were so many and I just felt alone like I couldn’t talk to anyone, and so I started back writing. However, I didn’t know that my written thoughts were going to be shared with the world. Two years later I was in prayer and I was asking God to move me to the next level. Clear as day, I heard “write your book”. I didn’t have to question Him because I already knew what He wanted.

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