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by Terry Watson | January 22nd, 2019
Stanford and Angie Harris

Stanford and Angie Harris

For them, the road to success must be traveled with a lifetime of commitment and teamwork. Stanford and Angie Harris are an inspiring entrepreneurial couple from Memphis, TN. They began dating in 2014 and were later married on June 3rd, 2017. Both being family oriented, it was easy to settle into the newness of a blended family of two boys and two girls, ages 5, 11, 13, and 18.

“Our main focus in life is to create a family owned business and create other sources of income from things that we enjoy doing in life, while also teaching our children these skills to build generational wealth within our family,” they share. Their business is From The Heart Event Rentals, an event rental company that offers luxurious furniture pieces, letter tables, backdrops, and other unique event decor including throne chairs, chair covers, charger plates, and more. “Our goal is to create the main focal point for our client’s events. We strive to provide the best experience possible to our client’s and will even deliver and pick up rental items.”

Their business began in December 2017. However, the idea came unexpectedly. “During our engagement we were thinking of how we would love certain luxury items for our wedding,” they said. They were faced with sort of a dilemma with trying to find these items in Memphis. During the process of researching they paid attention to what was happening at other events and we were amazed by the decor. After doing so, they decided to decorate our own wedding and the rest is history. “After the wedding we weren’t interested in the whole decorating part to say the least. The more research we conducted, the more we learned of how event rental companies in other parts of the country operated. For instance, in New York and other east coast cities they were utilizing huge-oversized throne chairs and other types of unique decor. We hadn’t seen that in Memphis. We were sold and knew exactly what experience we would offer to our area.”

Their inspiration comes from their children and their will to be financially free. They share, “It makes us happy to make others happy. Proving superior customer services is very important and we think that’s a crucial part of any business.” “We love making our customers events stand out. It’s all about the ‘WOW Factor”. We work very hard to give our customers more variety, luxury, and quality and make them feel like the ‘King and Queen’ at their events.”

Though owning and operating their business is their passion, within their occupations, Stanford is a Commercial Truck Driver, while Angie works as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Owning a business can be quite a challenge for most and was for this power couple as well. The first ordeal was transportation and trying to get the right vehicle to deliver and pick up their rentals. They would have to utilize U-Haul trucks and trailers, and even borrow vehicles from time to time. They were also faced with financial challenges. “Currently, we own all of our inventory, but it’s not easy building a business out of your own pockets. Luckily, we were blessed with careers that provides a decent compensation to take care of our family and build up our business,” they said. Time has been a hurdle for them also. Stanford is on the road a lot and Angie’s career demands a lot of her time as well. Because of this, they try to get in as much work as possible on the weekends and still have time for their children. “Sometimes we don’t even know how we do it, but things just always seem to work in our favor.”

Moving forward, their immediate plan is to expand. “We want to experiment with new chair styles, backdrops, dance floors, stages and lighting. We also want to acquire an event hall where we can put all of our items in our very own place,” they said. Be on the lookout for Form The Heart Events in 2019.

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