The Holy Hook Up

Ron Smith | January 9th, 2015
Ron Smith

Ron Smith

I have often wondered why individuals in business, especially those who do Kingdom business disappear. There are a lot of great ideas that come to pass but do not last for the long haul. Some will say it was time to move on or God has another plan for them in business. That all sounds great to the simple minded person but could it be that you left prematurely due to a lack of support? One reason I see the cause for the demise of many Christian businesses is the Holy Hook Up.

You ask what is that? The Holy Hook Up is when you are approached by a fellow Christian asking for a very low discount or nothing at all in exchange for your business. I have seen and experienced a lot of that with my business and scripture is used to back their reasoning for asking. If you have a business and the moment they find out you are a Christian you are a target for the Holy Hook Up. You will be told that it’s a blessing to give than to receive. Yes, that is true in its biblical context but simply put, your business will not survive if you continually give your service or product away. You give out of your abundance not your substance. Chick- Fil -A , Hobby Lobby, Forever 21 would not be the giant Christian companies they are today if they gave away all their products. You have to decide if you are a business or simply an expensive hobby.

The Holy Hook Up is something I would equate to the man with the one talent that buried his and God called him wicked because he did not produce more. Money follows ideas and ideas come from God. With my business, R&S Entertainment I offer deejay services and promotions. I may bless someone every now and then but for the most part I am taking care of my business by giving professional customer service. We cannot grow if we do not support one another and there is no other way around it. The best way for the Holy Hook Up to work is to be compelled in your heart to give without them asking. If someone asks you for one, just say no!

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