The Last Step Begins With Taking The First One

by Terry Watson | July 18th, 2019
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

One of the toughest challenges for an entrepreneur is making the decision to pour all of themselves into their dreams. For me, the difficult part was dropping the crutches and learning how to faithfully balance my life on the foundations of what I wanted to become.

I admit that sometimes my dreams have felt like nightmares, especially when things don’t sound and look familiar, or make any sense. As I have learned from other ‘dream chasers’, the plan began with a thirst of independence. Yet, I would soon learn the journey can be a draining experience. That is why it’s so important to know where the refilling stations are positioned along the way.

During the moments when I have run out of answers and solutions, I pause and reflect on the reasons why I decided to be an entrepreneur. These are times that affords me an opportunity to refill my desire to continue and press on. When I doubt my ability to finish the job, I think about the first step I took to begin, then I am refilled. As I encounter naysayers and ‘dream-killers’, I am once again refilled because it proves that I’m headed in the right direction. This is another important step of my journey.

As ‘dream-chasers’, instead of doubting ourselves, we should take value in the many accomplishments of our lives. To make it from the first step to the fifth step, it demanded perseverance, determination, faith, accountability, and sacrifice. So, to make it from the sixth step to the twentieth one, we must prepare ourselves to repeat what was done previously and apply a few more methods if needed.

Of course, we will make mistakes, and yes, we will stumble, but what’s important is that we learn from these occurrences and allow them to strengthen us. It’s also possible that we may repeat some or even all of the same mistakes, and that too is okay. Remember that everything plays a significant role to help us reach the final step of our journey. Only then we will see how important taking the first step was.

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