The Loop Road Tees

by Terry Watson | March 17th, 2017
Andi Hodges (Photos by Shaw Photography Group)

Andi Hodges (Photos by Shaw Photography Group)

There is more to it than just the name of the new and refreshing t-shirt line, The Loop Road Tees. Co-founder and designer, Andi Hodges grew up on Loop Road in Roxboro, N.C. In addition, a loop is a structure, series or process of which the end is connected to its beginning. This description was a perfect fit for Hodges and her team when they were looking for a name for their products. “What we do, will always connect back to Christ, the beginning,” says Hodges.

In 2008, Hodges says the Lord told her sister, McKeba Bullock to start a t-shirt business. Not knowing how to even begin, Hodges thought that she could possibly help her sister with the idea. She then contacted her niece, Ciera Slade and daughter in law, Devon Hodges, and the four of them devised a plan to make it happen.

They began creating clothing and accessories that would inspire others. It is more than about fashion for them. Their hope is that their products will spread the word of faith, hope and love. Their desire is that consumers will use their products as witnessing tools to share the love of God to the world.

Hodges is a wife, mother of two and grandmother of two wonderfully beautiful grandchildren. In addition to Loop Road Tees, she also owns Andi’s Blessings, a small graphic design company. Most importantly, she is a lover of Jesus Christ. “My desire has always been to use the gifts that God has given me to give back to Him. That’s why we do Christian shirts and accessories,” she says.

Some of the products produced by The Loop Road Tees are t-shirts for women, men and children, and iPhone covers. There are plans for other exciting products coming in the future. The t-shirt sizes range from small to (4x) and are priced at $24.99. The iPhone accessories begin at $17.99.

Hodges says her mother and father always told her that “nothing fails but a try” and that “you will never know if your idea will work if you don’t try it.” Her mother has been her biggest cheerleader in life and has never pushed but has encouraged and supported her in every possible way. “I have seen her struggle, push and pray through some tough situations so I aim to be the same type of woman: loving, dependable, hardworking and an overcomer,” she says.

Hodges says she still is amazed by the simple idea of using the gift that God gave her to draw people closer to Him, or the possibility of someone wearing one of their tees. Their goal is for others to receive a message that really speaks to them about who God is. “That is exciting to me. I have always been an introvert and I would never stand on a soapbox to deliver a message, but I use this avenue as a way to witness to others,” she says.

Moving forward, Hodges says they will continue to work to get their name out to the public so others will know who The Loop Road Tees are, what we stand for, and the quality we bring. “God’s word and the spreading of the gospel in our own unique way; that makes this opportunity all worth it,” she says.

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