The Mad Hatter

by Tonya Dixon | September 11th, 2012
Mad Hatter

Keith Siler (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photo)

By trade Keith Siler is a master barber. His skills run the gamut. He has been perfecting his craft and business acumen for over 10 years. But his passions don’t stop there; they include toping the fresh cut with an equally stylish hat.

Siler is a hat man. Plain and simple. It could be considered his trademark. He almost always wears a hat. As a matter of fact one would be hard pressed to see him without one. From fitted to snapback to Kangol; he dons them all. “I’m just a hat guy,” says Siler. “I wear a hat just about every day. I think I got that from my father. Hats can make the gentleman or bring out your tougher side, whichever look you are going for.”

It’s his fascination and love of hats that gave him the vision to start his own custom-made hat line, Mad Hatter. He says it’s Mad Hatter because he has “mad” hats. Black, white, red, baseball, beanie and fedora. He has them all.

It wasn’t until the Greensboro native ventured beyond the city limits that he really got the complete vision of how to combine his business savvy and passion for hats. While sailing the high seas on a vacation cruise, Siler encountered a gentleman wearing the perfect example of the type of hat that he wanted to offer to others. It was “tight,” he says. To his amazement, he learned the gentleman was already in the custom hat business. It was all Siler needed.

He immediately made the connection and feverishly began brainstorming. “I knew we didn’t have anything like what I saw in this area, so I started figuring out how I could do it here,” he says. It was already his passion, so all he had to do was work out the logistics – contractors, manufacturers, sales.

He has worked out the kinks since his initial decision to go into the business and is consistently developing his product line and building his clientele. Keeping with his personality, Siler decided if he were going to do jump into the custom hat business he wanted to do it “big.” Mad Hatter has to be the go to line for all things hats.

Patrons can expect a one-on-one consultation with Siler. It’s the client’s opportunity to discuss what they want. Styles are chosen, colors are picked. Siler will take all the appropriate measurements and handle the calculations. Within a very short time, clients will be showcasing their very own, custom-designed and custom-fitted, fresh off the press head gear.

Currently, the Mad Hatter line focuses solely on men’s hats, but Siler is intent on expanding in the near future to including a universal line as well as a woman’s line. For Siler, the bottom line is that Mad Hatter will be synonymous with quality, authentic, tailor-made hats for the sophisticated and the stylish.

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