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Laci Ollison | November 16th, 2020
Yordi Tesfay and Moses Wachira (Photos by JLG Photography)

Yordi Tesfay and Moses Wachira (Photos by JLG Photography)

After more than 20 years of absence, the Old Famous Shamberger Store’s American Flag, is back. The new owners, with the help of the Greensboro Fire Department and The Greensboro VFW on Elm-Eugene Street, roped a 70 foot tall flag pole and rose an 18 feet by 12 feet American Flag to commemorate the re-opening of the business, with a new name, The Neighborhood Store.

The new owners are Moses Wachira and Yordi Tesfay, making the local landmark a black-owned business once again.

Moses relocated to North Carolina from San Diego six years ago while Yordi moved from Maryland two years ago. The duo started working in convenience stores when they were young and in college. But now, they have evolved from working in a store to owning their very own establishment.

Moses has been a pilot for twenty years, flying food and medicine into war-torn countries for United Nations Relief Service as well as flying for other airlines. Yordi was a bartender in a famous black upscale restaurant in Washington, D.C., and that is where they met. They pay their loyalty to the convenience store jobs that they both had when young. Those jobs taught them customer service, hard work, and discipline. Today they work towards serving their newly adopted neighborhood of South Greensboro and are working diligently to improve the image of the neighborhood.

The original store was built my Mr. Shamberger almost 30 years ago on Elm Street. Being a former military serviceman, he built a 70 foot flagpole to show his patriotism. Residents say they would see the flag from downtown and surrounding areas. Mr. Shamberger was a community activist, sponsored little league sports, and helped poor families.

However, when the new owners purchased the store a few months back, the store was dilapidated. The previous owners had run the establishment into the ground. They duo have invested heavily in beautifying the store and the surrounding neighborhood. The building had old burglar-proof bars, and dark windows. It was also boarded from the inside with soda coolers so that you could not see the inside of the store from outside nor could you see the outside when standing inside of the store.

Since purchasing the convenience store, they have removed the burglar-proof bars and the dark boarded windows. They have also installed clear glass windows on all of the storefront. The store now looks bright and serves as a physical and metaphorical light in the community.

As owners, their new goal is to provide services to the community. “We do not treat anyone as criminals,” Moses says. “There are lot more good people than bad. If you are going to bring us business, we will leave the door open for you. That is why we took away the burglar proof bars and removed the boarded windows.”

They accept all major debit and credit cards as well as EBT. They also sell money orders, is able to process payroll checks, has an ATM machine, and also offers many convenience store essentials. The store also serves a variety of food items on various days including hot breakfast sandwiches, sausage dogs, Julie’s Famous Pork Chops, fried chicken, gizzards, mac and cheese, broccoli casserole, rice and chicken, and pasta with meat Sauce.

Moses and Yori have also added two new additions to the outside of the store: a barbeque smoker for spare ribs and chicken, and a separate area for customers to wash and detail their car. The new owners are hoping to become part of this community and have aspirations of helping to mentor young kids to become pilots and entrepreneurs.

A huge expression of appreciation goes to Nathaniel of VFW and Marcus of Greensboro Fire Department for helping hoist the Old Shambarger Store’s American Flag. Mr. Shambarger was a legend and the owner intends to carry on with the continued legacy of serving the community.

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